Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Just Say Yes

by - 2/24/2015

That is one mouthful of a name, isn't it? :D Lip crayons are all the rage this past few years and new Filipino makeup brand Happy Skin made sure to include a huge selection of lip crayons in their line.

The name Shut Up & Kiss Me is a little enticing, but wait and see (or hear) the names of the lip colors in the line. My pick Just Say Yes was among the more subdued. ;)

My first choice was The Morning After, because I had hopes of it being my perfect MLBB; but sadly that one was out of stock, so I made a choice to pick this shade instead.

The Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies offers three-fold service: as gloss, as lipstick, and as balm.

This gloss/lipstick/balm in the color Just Say Yes is housed in a peach plastic crayon-type tube with beige markings and text. Pretty cute packaging. The product itself looks darker than when it is applied on the lips.

The swatch on my hand is still a little darker than when applied on lips. I do detect though a hint of a frostiness which I don't see on my lips - which is a little shine that isn't exaggerated.

Pigment is really good. That is just one swipe on my hand there. This is one of the reasons I wanted to try out a lippie from Happy Skin, because I heard the pigment is really good and I wanted to try an MLBB or nude shade (because I have more than enough shades of darker colored lipsticks). The reason I don't usually go for nude shades for lippies is because of my really pigmented lips. :/

And here's aforementioned pigmented lips wearing Happy Skin's Just Say Yes. :D The color is peachy-nude when worn. The natural color of my lips is still showing through though, but that is because I swiped a finger on it after applying the lippie. I find it a bit difficult to apply it perfectly from the tube despite it being in crayon form because it's so pigmented that it's so obvious when I went outside the line. The consistency is also creamy so it can pile a bit too thick if swiped too many times.

Don't get me wrong. I actually like this product. It's not everyday that I can rock a nude lip (I know, sounds funny). :D I had fears this color might wash me out, but fortunately it didn't. Now I can venture out with different looks, like smokey eyes or heavily kohl-ed eyes, and not having the lips compete for attention.

I have to say though that it is not moisturizing enough for me. I do suffer from chapped lips frequently and this lippie doesn't do anything in that regard.


Available at Plains & Prints, Beauty Bar and Happy Skin's online website. Price is P499.


Maybe not this exact shade. I am still interested in The Morning After if I could find a stock somewhere. :) And I've heard that the darker shades are more moisturizing than the lighter ones, so I'm going to give those a try next.

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