Sophie Paris Solution: Glamorous Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner

by - 6/28/2013

Long hair is a girl's crowning glory and sometimes we get a haircut that doesn't suit us. What to do? Grow our hair long, of course. But sometimes that could take months before we see a difference in our hair length.

This is a problem my brother went through when he got an awful butchered haircut at a barbershop. He brought an expensive hair regrowth and hair loss treatment but got scared when he read all the chemicals stated on the packaging. It sounded more of a treatment / medicine for balding peeps. So I introduced him to Sophie Paris Glamorous shampoo. It's also a hair loss treatment but it's milder and less expensive.

There are 5 benefits for using this product:
  • To speed up hair growth with regular use
  • Effective in reducing hair loss
  • Improves health of your scalp
  • Strengthens and makes hair look thicker
  • With maximum hair care, makes your hair strong and healthy

And after just a month my brother could actually see a difference in his hair length. And he said his hair has become thicker than it used to.

It's a steal for only Php160 for 200ml. That's around 4.00 USD.

I have used this as well, when I ran out of shampoo. Hehe. I did see a faster hair growth, because my hair really grows really slow, it's like taking forever to grow them out sometimes. What I don't like about this is the smell. Maybe it's the kukui nut ingredient. I'm used to floral or fruity scents, and this scent doesn't belong to any of those. It doesn't even smell like perfume, but I don't like those anyway.

And also, I think I'm getting dandruff because of this. But I'm not sure, as I easily get dandruff because of my oily scalp. 

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  1. Hello! New follower here.

    This sounds intriguing. I'm actually looking for a shampoo that helps thicken the hair. Would you say that aside from helping you hair grow faster, did this product thicken it, too?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes. My brother said his hair became thicker than before. As for me, I haven't noticed because I already have coarse hair and haven't used it regularly.

      You should try it out. It's pretty inexpensive for a big bottle. :)

  2. Sige, sige. Where did you buy yours? I don't think I've seen this at any grocery store.

    1. Oh I haven't mentioned, this is sold only through dealers of Sophie Paris. You can search for a dealer near you, or you can search online. There are a lot of them selling online, I've seen. :) Goodluck!