Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Be104

by - 10/28/2013

I've got a new lipstick y'all! And this one is from Etude House, a lipstick from their Dear My Blooming Lips Talk line. I have always been saying I love Etude House, mostly because of their very adorable packaging, but I've never really bought anything cosmetic from them yet, only skin care items and some tools.

Anyway, I have been wanting to buy a lipstick from Etude House ever since I discovered them 2 years ago while I was here at Manila for my review and exam. I've never really gotten around to buying anything that time, even this year when I came back, because there were just too many choices that I couldn't decide which one!

I finally found time (and money) and I went with this color. :)

It's a red, right? But the label says BE104, so it's a dark beige to them. :) Their reds starts with RD##. It actually isn't a true red. It has brown/beige undertones and fades into a nude color after a few hours or after eating and drinking.

Etude House's lipsticks have this trademark engraving on the bullet. It's so cute! The problem is, you won't get to see that engraving every time you apply lipstick because you have to twist the entire bullet out to see it, and no one applies lipstick that way. Be that as it may, it is still very cute! Makes you feel secretly special. ;)

If they made the effort to make the lipstick bullet extra girly, then I don't think you'll be surprised to know that the outer appearance is just as sweet. Some girls/ladies may not be into this kind of sugary sweet appearance of items, but I am not one of them. I love everything feminine!

The box is in 2 shades of pink, with black and white text, adorned in doodles of hearts and a sketch of the lipstick it contains. The top flap has the label with the swatch of the color. The back is written in Korean but one of the sides is in English.
"Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivid color and moist shine."
As for the lipstick packaging itself, it has this pink porcelain-like casing (it's plastic though) shaped like what I could best describe as a pitcher (or a pitcher plant? lol). It is tied around the middle with a metallic pink bow. The cap part of the lipstick begins right above the bow. The inner casing that holds the bullet is a usual metal tube.

Here you can see the only thing I am not happy about the item I received. Whenever I twist up the bullet, the side gets mushed into the contraption inside the tube. It such a waste of product, and it messes up the engraving. :( I think the lipstick bullet isn't standing straight, that's why this happens.

Swatches and Review

 Hand swatch

Lip swatch

The lip swatch isn't showing the true color. It looks a bright pink here. The hand swatch shows how it actually looks in person. It's reddish with brown undertones. This lip color looks good with those with yellow/warm skin tones. And because it is a dark shade, it could suit a vast range of skin colors as well.

As for the application, it glides smoothly on the lips and doesn't settle on the chaps and lines. I should know, I easily get chapped lips. And even when choosing this shade, I tried a few others from the store and some of them accentuated my dry lips. This one doesn't though. Which is one reason why I chose this shade.

The lipstick's pigmentation is good. I get that color with 1-2 swipes. As for the staying power, it fades after eating, but without eating and drinking, it lasts about 3-4 hours. The scent is this lipstick (and the entire line from Etude) is sweet, like candy. I just can't pinpoint exactly what candy it is. :D

This lipstick costs P478. I can't decide whether it's expensive or just about average. It is expensive for me, especially since I know there are a lot of other lipsticks that are way cheaper. But then again, there are a lot more lipsticks that are way more expensive, so just average priced right? ;) And even if you stay it's expensive (as most Etude House products are), I would have to defend with - It's worth it. :D


Tadaa! The cashier asked me if I have a membership card. I said no, then asked how to avail. She said for a minimum purchase of P500 I would receive a card, so I immediately took something from the nearest shelf to add to my purchase. That something was an oil-control film priced at P128. So now I've got an Etude House Pink Membership plus she gave me a sample size CC cream freebie. Hurray!

Privileges for the pink membership includes a 2% rebates for every P100 purchase. :D Exciting!


I love Etude House! :D

As for the lipstick, I love it too. The color is perfect (for me). It is a red/dark lip without being too dark or too crazy or too conspicuous. It's a very wearable color. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. :)

That's it for my long post. I hope you enjoyed it. :) Have a nice day!

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  1. That looks so pretty.
    Karen x

  2. Hello, +Dawn Doneza ! How are you? Thank you so much for dropping by! Haha :D I had a semester break and is gonna be busy soon. T_T
    Wow! You are an architect?!!??! That's so awesome! Well, I'm just an architecture student but you'll be my new idol! As my friends aren't really into these amazing things!
    Anyway, thanks again for the follow and I'm gladly followed you back on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin' .Cause sometimes I only check one portal at a time.
    As for the above post, I've always wanted to try their lip sticks but I'm not really into them. I love lip tints and lip balms though. But great review by the way! Love your swatches!
    xx, Mira

    1. Lol! I know, right? My friends from college aren't into makeup either. Even I myself wasn't while I was still in college. :D
      Thanks for following back. :D

  3. Hi Dawn, this lipstick color looks so pretty on you! I had same experience with you in receiving lipstick in bad condition :(

    1. Thanks Joyce!
      Yeah, I've had my fair share too. I know they are still use-able, but it just saddens me looking at it. :(

  4. Aww I just wore mine today, the pink one and I didn't like it :/ it makes my chapped lips look really dry lol but seeing yours look good on your lips make me think maybe it's different for each lips and colors :) Thank you for your review Dawn ^^

    1. I think it's different between colors. I have swatched the other colors (a pink and an orange) at the store and those were drying too. That's why I chose this because it didn't accentuate my dry lips as much as the others. :)

      Thanks for the visit Misa! :)