Beauty Buffet Charcoal and Cypress Facial Mask

by - 10/23/2013

This is my first time trying sheet masks, as I believe they've grown quite popular just a few years back. I always see them being used by beauty gurus in their skincare routine posts, and I think it's awesome that it's so easy to use. No hassle like using a peel-off mask. I have also noted that beauty gurus love them and use them, not the peel off masks. :D

What I have here is the Beauty Buffet Feed Your Skin Everyday Charcoal & Cypress Facial Mask. It is for purifying the skin and for controlling the oil. I bought this at Watsons at P59 for 2 pieces (Watsons is known for their Buy One Take One promos). Each piece is sold at P44, not exactly Buy One Take One but big savings just the same. Beauty Buffet has a lot of sheet mask variety being sold. I picked this one out specifically because of the oil-control claims and because I heard charcoal is good for absorbing toxins in the skin.

Each pack contains 23 ml of essence. It was dripping when I pulled out the sheet on my first use. That was a waste, so the second piece I used a week later, I squeezed out some of the essence into the pack before pulling it completely out. The remaining essence I then transferred into an empty container so I have some essence to use the following days. ;) Idea right? Essences are pretty expensive to buy by the bottle.

Yehey! The first sheet mask to grace my face and I'm sharing it with you all. Lol. So as not to seem so ignorant, I'll talk a little more about sheet masks. A sheet mask is a very thin piece of cloth shaped to fit most faces with cut holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. It usually is kept soaking in essence or a liquid filled with nutrients until the time you put it on your face. These nutrients and other ingredients will then sit on your face, trapped between your skin and the cloth. It has no choice but to be absorbed by your skin. The mask's close contact also creates a warmer temperature which allows your pores to open so the essence will penetrate further into your skin.

Although it is said that sheet masks are shaped to fit most faces, it rarely does fit anyone perfectly. Mine cut a little too short around the forehead as you can see in the picture. Evidence that my boyfriend is right, I have too large of a forehead. Hehe. You might have had issues with your face's shape that you have already dealt with, but using a sheet mask shaped for an average face for the first time will force you to open your eyes to how true it is. :P

One problem I encountered with this mask is that it didn't say on the procedure that there is a plastic layer over the mask and I have to peel it off after setting the mask on my face. It was a struggle putting it on the first time because it was so stiff and wouldn't lie snugly on my face. After lying down and holding the stuff down with both hands, I began to feel the plastic layer coming off and the sheet mask falling into place. Taking off that plastic layer was difficult lying down without a mirror to assist but I could just blame that to inexperience. :)

Overall I enjoyed the experience and would love to do it frequently. I'm not sure if I would buy this particular piece since I didn't see much difference with my oil but it does made my face supple and refreshed. There are so many more masks out there I wanna try anyway.

So, what do you think of sheet masks? Is there anything you can recommend? Thanks!

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  1. Looks interesting. Most of the sheet masks I have seen have collagen or aloe vera in them, I never seen one with charcoal. I find these kind of masks really soothing, even if they don't look very flattering.
    Karen x

    1. They certainly don't look flattering. I have to hide in my room the entire time. :)
      I have seen a lot with collagen and aloe vera too. Maybe I'll try one of those next.

  2. How about the smell? I am quite picky when it comes to smell..
    Maybe you still didn't see the result the first time? or maybe use it more often? lol i am also not familiar with masks as i only used once by aromacology...

    But i did hear about charcoal's benefit. I tried a pore strip by Bench which has charcoal in it and it really did lift most of my white heads.

    1. Oh I forgot to mention about the smell. It smells really nice. Not too overpowering. :) Maybe if you use it more often you'd see results. :)

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