Hand Cream Therapy Set

by - 2/20/2015

The first hand creams I have ever tried are from this therapy set gifted to me by my sister last Christmas and was bought from Watsons. The set comprise of 4 tubes of hand creams in different scents: Ocean Bliss, Sweet Berries, Green Tea and Vanilla Passion.

The hand creams are moisturizing and are easily absorbed into the skin. They are not greasy in the slightest, which is sometimes my issue with using lotions. The scents (well, most of them are) mildly perfumed and aren't distracting.

The ingredients are the same between the 4 scents, so I'm guessing that the only thing that differs is the perfume, which on the label is just labeled perfume. These contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, which contributes to its nourishing aspect.

Among the 4 scents, it's Vanilla Passion that I loved best. Ocean Bliss came second and Sweet Berries came third. I'm sorry to say that Green Tea doesn't make it to my like list because the scent is a little overwhelming. A little too herbal I think.

I don't think the scents have any skin care benefits since they are just in perfume form.


Bought at Watsons last Christmas for around P100-P200. Might not be available off holiday season, since Watsons usually release gift boxes only during holidays. But will have to check it out again.


Possibly. But I would love it if I can buy these per piece instead of by set. That way I could choose the scents I want.

What's your favorite hand cream? Would love to hear all about it. Share links if you have them. :)

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