Tony Moly Lip Tint in Cherry

by - 7/03/2013

The bottle is shaped like a cherry. Cute!

This is one of my great finds on Ebay. It was a lot of 2 pieces for only Php199.00 (around 5.00 USD), and it was offered with free shipping! Made me wonder why it was such a steal. Maybe because the item is so small and no one is willing to pay full price? Or maybe they (online seller is connected to an actual store in Davao) were on clearance? You have to admit, this item isn't exactly newly released. Or maybe it's nearing expiration? Though I didn't see any expiration dates on the packaging.

My purchase came with a sample size of The Face Shop's Flower Compact which I bid and won at Php21.00! That's at half a dollar. But then again, it's a "sample not for sale" kind. :/ Hmmm.

Okay, on with the review!

I'm in love with cherries! Look at the pattern of the shirt that I used as a background, lol! And later on, you will see that I have more cherry products that I have yet to review.

Anyway, it's a very small bottle of lip tint. It's barely the size of the pad of my thumb. But that's okay, since you would be using only a small dot or two each time you use it. It would take a long time to finish. But if you wanted something bigger, if you really use a lot of lip tint, there is a bigger bottle of this, it's shaped differently though, like a cylinder, instead of this cute cherry like packaging. I have another bottle of this though, I'm still thinking if I should give it away on this blog, or to someone I know personally.


That's the applicator. I changed background guys, I don't wanna ruin my white top. There could be a problem when you use this applicator, especially when closing it back. Usually what happens is, the liquid would spill out of the neck of the bottle while in the process of closing. I think this has to do with the applicator itself being soaked, and having only used a few dots of the product, there is still lots left on the applicator. So when you replace the applicator and the cap back, it spills over the neck because the neck is slightly smaller than the applicator. It squeezes it out.

So, what I do is when taking the cap out, I gently press the applicator on the neck of the bottle a few times, so it squeezes most of the product out into the bottle and won't be soggy. So when I replace the cap it doesn't spill. It takes a while to get accustomed to, and to remember to do it lol, but it's really easy.

Application and swatches

I find that it is best to just dot rather than swipe because it is really pigmented, and swiping it could make you look like you've been punched and your lips are bleeding. You can always add another layer if you wanted more color. It is more difficult to erase what is already applied, especially with this tint, because it sticks! I could eat and drink and the color didn't budge.

Applying lip balm is optional. You can keep it as it is and look natural, or layer with a clear gloss or balm. I have neither. What I used is Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Cherish. I liked it though. It changed the appearance and made it look like a frosty fuschia.

That's my balm stain. My boyfriend bought it for me. I was a little annoyed because it is the wrong color. I have a yellow undertone and cool colors such as these made my lips look pale and my skin darker than it is. I am happy though that I have found something to do with it. It would have been such a waste. And this one was more than Php500.

So back to Tony Moly lip tint: I LOVE IT! I like cherries and it smells like cherries. It does have a bitter taste though. And it stings when applied on cracked lips. :(

But still, it's such a joy to use. It's lightweight but has color that you can build. The packaging looks really cute and the size is too tiny that you can certainly find a place for it in your bag.

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  1. Nice to know that it stings when on cracked lips! I recently got in my mouth area and everything is still healing up. ;v;
    I guess I'll have to wait a while before doing my review. LOOL
    I love that shade though~ *A* Looks perfect for my lips.
    Thank you for the review! <3
    Please check out my blog if you have the time! ;v;

    ☆ gin ★

    1. Lol! It's amazing how you can control yourself from swatching. Hehehe. I'll look forward to your review of this. :)