Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Smoothing Cherry

by - 7/22/2013

One of the things I'm lacking but desperately need is a clear lip balm. I have like the worst chappy lips ever (actually just second to my sister). They keep chapping, drying out whatever the weather and I keep picking on the dry parts and causing them to bleed. I know right? I have these crazy skin care issues and I don't do anything about them.

I do have lip balms before. But none worked, and I don't like the waxy feel.

So why did I buy this Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm? Because I've heard good reviews about them. And just because you didn't like a product doesn't mean you'll never find one you'll actually like.

So what do I think about this lip balm? I love it!

It comes in this cardboard and plastic packaging when you purchase it. On the cover it says:
  • SPF20
  • Instant 8 hour moisture
  • Rejuvenated lips in one week
  • Enriched with Centella Essence
  • Smoothing Cherry (flavor / scent)
I love the idea of an SPF lip balm. It doesn't hurt to have sun protection in everything. I don't know if the promise of moisture is instant, but I remember applying it on at night and waking up with the waxy feel still on. (It does feel waxy) I can attest though that after continuously using this, my lips doesn't chap anymore. I do have to exfoliate my lips every time I get it wet (eating / drinking, bathing, brushing), but it has been easier to do so compared to before when the skin just sticks and I always get the urge to pull on it. :(

Centella Essence. They say that's what's making this lip balm so effective. It's the ingredient that causes the skin of our lips to renew faster, thus easier to exfoliate because there's already a new layer underneath. All of the lip balms of the Baby Lips line have this ingredient that is why it is such a huge hit. Maybelline has even opened a "sequel" line to Baby Lips: Baby Lips with color. :D As you can see, this one (and the line it belongs to) is in clear color. It does have a scent though (no flavor). The one I bought is in Smoothing Cherry. I told you in my previous post I'm in love with cherry, right? I do, I just love it. It's probably one reason why I always pick this up and apply, even when I'm just lounging at home. :)

The packaging is just a simple lip balm tube though. The new line has more of that lipstick packaging, and it looks so cute. Both have the pastel colors and adorable font. I'm thinking of trying those out next, when I finish with this one.

Clear gloss / balm doesn't really do me any favors. My lips look pale with it on. Granted, you can always apply a lip color underneath first. But as you can see, my lips look juicier in that pale slug kind of way with the lip balm on. My bare lips photo was also taken about a few days after I started using it, so it's not as chapped as it used to. For a good reference of how chapped my lips could be, check out my profile pic at the side bar. And that is how I normally look on a night out.  :D

Anyway, this is only priced at P79.00 and can be bought anywhere, from department stores, grocery stores, to drugstores.


I love this lip balm. It's waxy, I know, but the scent and the benefit of using it outweighs that flaw. I love that I have normal looking lips now. I heavily recommend this to anyone suffering from chapped lips. I did recommend this to my sister but she said she still has her Chapstick (which didn't work for me and doesn't seem to be working for her either). There are other scents too if you're not into cherry. Or you could try the other line if you wanted a little color.

So, there you have it, my take on this very popular lip balm from Maybelline. What balm are you using? Is it from the same line? If not, are you willing to try this out?

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  1. ohhh love it!!! send me one? kidding!!! heheh! how much does it cost?

    i love it - for this day alone I already read blogs about lipstick, lip balms and one of my post on my new blog is about my pink lip color! hahaha!

    1. Sure! It's only P79! I'll gladly send you one next week. :D

      I know right? Makeup and beauty blogs are so addicting! It's what I've been obsessing on since I came to Manila. :D

  2. if you love this lip balm, try the Lip Ice Mentholatum lip balm, I'm sure you'll love that even more ^_^

    1. Sure! I'd be sure to check that out. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  3. I love Baby Lips. I have mine the Menthol one and I'm quite obsessed puting ot onmy lips everyday. LOL. Great review! Makes me want to try other baby lips flavors! Thanks! kisses from roro

    1. I can't stop putting them on too! :D

      Thanks for visiting my blog roro. :)