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Dec 15, 2015

Caronia First Crush

12/15/2015 0 Comments

When I'm in the mood for opaque colorful nails, I usually go for Caronia nail polishes because they have a vast assortment of them and you can be assured that the consistency isn't patchy. The price is also good too - it's around 20-30 pesos per bottle (less than 1 USD).

This color - First Crush - is a lavender that's opaque but not matte. The first photo shows its real to life color compared to the second photo where it's showing to be more blue than lavender.

Dec 14, 2015

Cash Cash Pinoy Online Shopping Experience

12/14/2015 0 Comments

Well it has been years since I knew about Cash Cash Pinoy but it is only now that I've decided to give them a chance. I was hesitant at first because of the voucher type of transaction which I have to print and use it to claim my service or merchandise. Troublesome ne? Especially since we don't own a printer, so I'd have to go out and have my voucher printed, which kinda beats the purpose of online shopping in my opinion.

What made me decide on making a transaction with them is the fact that I desperately needed (more like wanted) a facial mechanical brush. I found a good deal on Happy Beauty but I was unsure about the quality of the brush since it was unknown to me, and the payment options were limited for me.

So I searched on other sites for facial brushed that wouldn't burn a nasty hole in my pocket. Still. I was heads over in love with Foreo, but dang! That costs 7k Php while on sale, plus it's only available abroad.

I searched and researched for other options too. The most prominent ones were Clarisonic, Olay and Mary Kay.

That wasn't even why I was on Cash Cash Pinoy. I was on the site because I was browsing through vacation getaway deals (you should really check them out, they have great deals!) but when I didn't find something I was looking for (not beach, not northern Luzon nor abroad), I went on to the beauty and skincare products page. Ahihihi.

When there, I remembered about my product search and lo and behold, I found a Mary Kay brush with 40% off. From P2500 to P1400. What a deal! Lazada has the same product with "they say" 30% discount which is now priced P2500. I'm kinda losing faith with Lazada actually. Many of the items I find on their site are actually way cheaper on Ebay. When my bf is looking at items at Lazada, I would say to him to check out other sites first to compare prices before deciding on buying anything.

Anyway, am I just proving to you how much I love online shopping? Hahahahaha! Very.

So anyway, I pushed through with my Mary Kay brush purchase and although I had to go have my voucher printed, I am ecstatic with the deal I got to even be pissed at the inconvenience. :D

Well, it took them more than 7 business days to deliver the item. I emailed customer service on the night of the 7th day, and I only got an auto-reply: they'll get in touch with me within 24 hours, but they didn't. So basically, Cash Cash Pinoy isn't true to their word. :/

But I am still happy with the item and I still think it's a good deal. So I'm not closing my doors on Cash Cash Pinoy just yet.

Check them out if you're willing to wait for a package that's late, but saves you about 1k. :)

Dec 5, 2015

How I Improved My Blog Photos Without Going Broke

12/05/2015 1 Comments

When I first started blogging, it was my frustration to get good photos for my blog. Everything is dark and grainy! Not to mention, the background looks cluttered and messy and it takes away from the main focus of my photo.

Slowly I improved. One product, one photo at a time. But there were times when I wanted to just splurge on some equipment just so I could produce better photos right away (although they say that's not a guaranteed way). Let's just say being in the blogging world, especially the beauty blogging world, made me a little bit envious of what others have and do. You know how materially focused beauty blogging can be.

But despite deciding on making “investments”, I was kinda scared that it would all go to waste because there were also times in my blogging life when I lose heart from blogging. Wouldn't that have been a such waste if I spent a lot of money on something I might never use again?

So instead, I found ways that I could do to improve my photos without spending too much. Today I'm sharing with you these simple ways and hopefully you'll find them useful for your blogging too.

Camera and Lighting.

Use whatever camera you already have, even if it's just your phone's camera. Most smartphones these days already come with good quality camera, so they can already serve the purpose of taking blog photos (unless your blog is about photography). Most cameras though (even the expensive ones) are dependent on the light available in the room to produce nice results.

So choose a room that receives lots of light. I noticed that rooms facing the east are better than those that face the west because the west ones tend to be warmer and that kind of lighting ruins the white balance in my photos. The east facing ones produce clearer and truer colors and it matters when you're photographing products.

Although late afternoon light is considered "golden" by photographers, I find that it's not so good for product photography because either it casts stark shadows, or it casts a really warm tinge.
Earlier in the day is better. Among my photos around 1:30pm, the left one looks more pleasant than the right one, but the nail polish color is pinker than in actual. The right one is more closer in color.

Background and Decor.

Use what you already have around the house. Don't keep buying stuff to use as blog photo décor. If you must buy stuff, then pick something you can also use around the house, instead of something that will only serve one purpose - just as décor.

Such things as pretty linens, books and magazines, plates or saucers with intricate designs, are just some of the things I use as background of my photos. Heck, I even use plushies in some of my photos. :D

One of my favorite things to use is a drawing pad. It's white, it's huge, it's cheap. It instantly brightens up the photo compared to using a colored background. Plus, using white as background makes it easy to edit the photos if they turn out still darker than what I desire. How does white make it easy to edit? Because you have a basis for white. As long as the yellowish background that's supposed to be white becomes white in your editing, then you can be pretty sure that the other colors are almost spot on too. Another reason I love white for editing is that if I need to crop parts of the image, I wouldn't worry that the color or pattern of the background would be altered. I explained more of that in my Photoshop tutorial on sharpening images.

Time of capture: 7pm
Background of cake on the left is a green glass plate set on a black glass tabletop. Light source is about 2 meters away.
Background of cakes on the right is a white porcelain plate set on an open drawing pad over a table. Light source is almost overhead, about half a meter away. 

Layout and Positioning.

Don't take that photo in the middle of a mess. Clear up a little space. I know it looks nice to have a few things blurred in the background, but keep it to a minimum so as not to make your product look like the general with his army. If you find that your photos are looking quite messy, try a flat lay so you can control what is inside your frame.

Although I like the look of products standing on the table or any surface, I usually do a lot of flat lays because aside from being able to control what's in the frame, I also can control my shadow. I find that taking photos with a product standing on a table is a lot like a solar eclipse. Product must face light - I must photograph product's face – I get in between product and light. With a flat lay, I can take the photo from above, positioned beside the table.

The photo looks cleaner when the product is lying down.

So aren't these very simple and easy? These are things you can change up easily the next time you take your blog photos. Aside from the drawing pad which is the only thing I bought (and it's less than P100 too), none of these require any spending.

So what do you think? Think you'll try these out for yourself? Well whether you'll try these or not, I hope you enjoyed my post. Have a nice day!

*iPhone 5 is used to capture all photos.
*None of the exhibit images were edited (I edited only the post header).

Nov 13, 2015

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

11/13/2015 5 Comments

When the snail slime filtrate trend hit two years ago, I jumped on board and bought this online. Snail slime is known for having amazing skincare benefits such as lightening hyperpigmentation and scars, reducing lines and wrinkles, and improving the texture of the skin. Who wouldn't want that in their skincare? So I was on board!

Mizon is one of the brands well known for their snail filtrate line. Although there are more heavyweight products raved by many, I chose this small tube of snail filtrate gel to test how it would fare for me.

Korean labeling
I first started using this on my entire face, because hey I want the benefits on my face, but my face didn't fell in love with it. It kind of just seated on my face without being absorbed. Or maybe I was just putting on too much? Not to mention that I have extremely oily skin so I really didn't like the extra layer on my face.

Don't get me wrong, it was an nice gel - texture-wise. It's not gooey like you would have imagined. Nor does it smell gross. It actually smell quite nice.


Anyway, after several months of just keeping it in the drawer, I found another use for it. Wounds! Which have very recently turned into scars, just right after the scabs got peeled off. And it's a wonder using this snail gel on them! It doesn't take long before the scars lighten and/or disappear completely.

My sister also got a wound/scar on her shoulder after a fall and hitting a furniture and she thought she will be scarred for life! I let her use this and we could literally see a huge difference in the scar's color and prominence within weeks. :D


So will I buy this again? Definitely. I also want to try out the cream formula in case that would suit my face better.

That's all for my review. Thanks for stopping by! :)

And I also want to announce to the world that I recently opened an Instagram account solely dedicated to my beauty blog. :) I would really love for you to check it out. And maybe follow? :D

Have a nice day!

Oct 22, 2015

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

10/22/2015 4 Comments

There will come a moment in every beauty enthusiast's life when she will allow herself to look like an alien --- all for the sake of beauty. That moment for me was a few months ago when I first started using Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I should have taken a picture of my family's expression when they saw me with this mask on walking around the house. Haha! I deserve an applause for this milestone fulfilled. All I needed were cucumber slices and I would have graced my niece's instagram account for being a sight to behold.

Anyway, green alien or not, I jumped at the chance to try out this masque when I saw this at Healthy Options. I've been hearing good reviews on Youtube about this, and this being targeted to oily skin gals, I think it's just the product for me.

I've tried other types of masks before - peel off and sheets, but I've got to say that I enjoy the wash-off type best. It's easy to apply because the consistency is like paste, and it dries up fast so I can go walk around and do chores even with this on.

Washing up is easy too. It doesn't take up too much time unlike with peel-offs which doesn't peel in one go so you have to spend time peeling each piece.

The scent when you first put this on is like toothpaste. But after a while it smells like swamp. It took me a while to figure out the scent. Mud... Clay... Until it hits me - a swamp. And the scent lasts too, even after you rinse off. That is the only thing I don't like about this mask.

It says on the label to leave this on for 5-10 minutes. I usually go beyond that. Other reviews online says they do so too. I don't apply this regularly though. Once every two weeks or once a month, because I forget. :) Sometimes when I feel like I have gunk on my face - clogged pores, whiteheads, oil - I put this on to suck out most of it then use a gentle scrub afterwards on the nose and cheeks to really get all the gunk out. That pretty much makes it smooth again. :)

And yeah, don't forget to moisturize afterwards because that combo can be so drying.

Overall, I am happy to have tried this mint julep mask from Queen Helene. It serves its purpose of removing excess oil and drawing out impurities.

Would I buy this again? Definitely.

That's all for my review. Thanks for taking the time to read it. :) Let me know in the comments if you have tried this mask before and your thoughts about it. :)

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Oct 18, 2015

What To Wear To A Casual Evening Party

10/18/2015 0 Comments

Going to an cocktail party and can't figure out what to wear? I also keep having that problem. Most parties I go to are usually set late in the afternoon and last till evening. The problem now is finding an attire that wouldn't look overdressed in the afternoon and under-dressed at night.

Pink Floral Chiffon Short Dress

Blue Chiffon Lace Short Dress

The dresses I go for and search for are dresses like these Pink Chiffon Short Dress with floral pattern and Blue Chiffon Short Dress with cityscape print. The colors and patterns makes it wearable during daylight, while the chiffon fabric makes it appropriate for evening.

Plus, they can be dressed up or down with different accessories, so you have the option to go more cutesy or elegant. You can also wear them with blazers and pumps to get the corporate chic look, or with cardigans and boots for a casual look. Dresses like these will get some mileage in my closet. :)

The dresses featured are from DRESS.PH. Check out their online store for more dresses like these. Orders are made thru PayPal so you're assured that it's safe and secure. They provide express shipping in a matter of 3-7 days. They also offer huge discounts - 85% off these two dresses, so it's worth checking out.

*This post is sponsored.

Oct 17, 2015

Yoko Yogurt Spa Milk Soap

10/17/2015 4 Comments

This is one of the few bar soaps I made an effort to actually search for in different stores. I discovered this years and years ago when I was still living in Zamboanga and I just picked out the product because it looks curious and because I'm adventurous with products that way. There are a lot of people I know who stick to whatever they're used to using. Same soap, shampoo, face cleanser... Same ice cream, cake, pizza flavors. >.< But not this girl. :) I believe the only way to discover the best is by trying out different stuff - variants/flavors... For instance, I feel like my sister should really thank me for introducing her to Bear Brand's milk with ginseng or gingko biloba because I am 100% sure she would never ever ever pick those up on her own. And she loves it! *feeling under-appreciated*

As for this soap, the yogurt soap from Yoko smells heavenly right out of the box. It smells just like milk. It's a bit sad though that the scent doesn't last a long time but it's enough to make showering pleasurable.

The packaging is nice too, nicer than your average bath soap. It comes in a pink box and inside the bar of soap is wrapped in paper and sealed with gold sticker.

The soap feels creamy on the skin. It isn't too hard like most soaps, and it isn't similar in texture to papaya/carrot/kojic soaps. I could best compare it to Dove's soaps except that Dove's is a bit grainier/grittier than this.

The effect on my skin is amazing. I have extremely dry skin on my body and using this has reduced the dry marks/desert-like appearance. It feels softer and smoother too.


The combination of scent, texture, and effect makes the Yoko Yogurt Soap a winner in my book. It is also priced at P50 only so it is pretty affordable. The only downside I can think of is that I only found this in Zamboanga and nowhere in Manila when I was there. There were Yoko Yogurt Bath Salts being sold, but the bar soap isn't available.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick review. Please follow me on bloglovin', twitter, and facebook for more reviews and updates.

Have a nice day!

Sep 11, 2015

Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream in W13

9/11/2015 2 Comments

Today I'm posting about Etude House's Bright Fit BB Cream. I've had this for more than a year now and it's still far from being empty. There have been new releases of Etude House BB creams of the same line, but back then I only had the option of getting Bright Fit or Cotton Fit. Cotton Fit as I remember is the one for oily skin, and which I should have gotten, but I was in love with the sample I got from Etude of this exact shade and variant which I have today.

Dang, I promised to get the Cotton Fit one when I run out of this, and one year and a half later I still haven't used this up.

Korean labeling
But you can understand that it has brightening properties and spf 30.
And to use it within 12 months :/

I use only half a pump for my entire face and another half for the neck that's why it still hasn't run out. Not to mention that I go with only using powder on some days when I don't have time to apply bb cream.

Half a pump is actually enough to even out the skin tone. I use my fingers to apply in a patting motion. That way, it doesn't look cakey and obvious on the face.

W13 looks slightly lighter than my skin but it could also just be the white cast because of the spf. As you can see on the swatch above, it evens out the tone pretty well and adds a subtle glow to it. The glow was the reason I chose Bright Fit over Cotton Fit, because I am not into extremely matte looks. This has proven to be a problem in the long run because I have extremely oily skin and the grease starts to show within a couple of hours. Oil sheets and powders help --- for now.

I think I would try next working from a matte base then adding highlighter to get the glow I am looking for. Might take more steps in the morning, but it would save me time from blotting the rest of the day.

Overall I like:

  • that it evens out my skin tone
  • gives a subtle glow
  • has a pump for easy and hygienic dispensing
  • has spf 30
  • has whitening, anti-darkening, and anti-aging properties
  • has enough product to last a long time
  • no distinguishable smell

What I don't like:

  • the white cast
  • makes me greasy (but that's my fault for choosing the wrong variant)
  • too bulky to carry when travelling


Although I enjoy this BB cream, I will not buy this again. I will however scour though the new variants available at Etude House to find one that fits my skin type better. ;)

What are your favorite BB creams?

Aug 26, 2015

What's In My Bag?

8/26/2015 5 Comments

More like what can fit in my bag? I have upgraded to a yet smaller bag (this is the smallest I went so far) and now I have to keep the contents to the barest essentials. Like --- my hair's in a ponytail, I won't bring a comb --- kind of minimalist.

The bag is a Mango blue Saffiano-effect cross body bag. It has black chrome plated hardware and a long adjustable strap.

Two open compartments plus a zippered one in between. The strap is looped around the flap and can be removed for when you want to use the bag as a clutch.

There isn't actually much space in this bag. It might look wide enough to hold more things looking from the outside, but only my phone and lip gloss can fit in one of the compartments.

The 6 things I cannot live without:

  • phone --- I'm trying to not be tethered to my phone but I can't leave the house without a phone.
  • wipes --- There is a smaller package (about half of this one) which would be perfect to carry in my bag. This one is from Watsons, around P20 per pack.
  • oil blotting paper --- An oily-skinned girl's bestfriend. This one's from Daiso.
  • lip gloss --- This Coralista tube won as the smallest and slimmest lippie in my makeup collection, so it's going straight into the bag. I can also put this on top of any lipstick I'm wearing and it doesn't alter the look I'm going for (which is actually just naturally fresh most of the time). Plus I also need to use this up. :)
  • card case --- for identification and stuff. Membership and advantage cards are also housed in this convenient case.
  • money --- goes straight into the zipped compartment because there's just no space for a wallet.

I can also sneak in a comb and candies. :D

I'm actually  pleased to have such a small bag. I used one of my bigger handbags recently and there's the usual habit of "I might need this, I'll bring this" 'til my bag is as heavy as if I brought the entire house with me.

Having a small bag forces me to decide and bring only the things that I know I would really use.

Where I bought it

Bought at P585 from the original price of P1950 at Zalora. It's one of the best deals I've had so far. There's always a sale every now and then and the discounts are incredible. The whole transaction was also smooth and fast. It's actually a pleasure to shop.

Aug 21, 2015

Happy Skin's Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousse in The Morning After

8/21/2015 2 Comments

The quest for my MLBB (my lips but better) color is over! I found it in Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me Lip and Cheek Mousse in the color The Morning After. In my previous post which is another Happy Skin lippie review, I mentioned that I was searching for this particular shade because I was suspecting that this would match my natural lip color perfectly, but sadly it was sold out everywhere. That just shows how beautiful the color is. And that's why I picked up another color instead.

Last May, when I read from other blogs that The Morning After is making a comeback albeit in a different formula, I checked it out on the Happy Skin website right away, fearing to be left behind once again.

And maybe it was a blessing in disguise that I didn't get the color in crayon form, because a lip mousse that can double as a blush is pretty heaven sent to me.

The packaging too is a win for me, not that I don't love the lip crayons. But this one looks elegant and more mature than the ones I usually pick up. About time I should choose makeup that fits my age I think.

This lip and cheek product hydrates, primes, repairs & rejuvenates with Anti-Aging Peptides, and protects with SPF 15. It also features Shea Butter and Collagen - the same lip-lovin' ingredients from Happy Skin's bestselling Shut Up & Kiss Me moisturing lippies.
--- Happy Skin

I love the teardrop-shaped applicator with the hole in the middle because it ensures I don't take too much product. That means when I apply at the corners of my mouth it doesn't end up inside my mouth.

This would also be a good wand for precisely outlining the lips because of its slim and pointed applicator. I'm not into a precise outline myself though. The Korean practice of blurring out the lip outline is rubbing off on me.

with flash / without flash
With flash, it looks mauve while without flash, it looks reddish nude.
Photos unedited. Because I don't know how to edit the photo with the flash, so best to leave them as is.
(You can view how I edit my photos here.)

The color closely resembles my natural lip color and the mousse formula feels very lightweight. It still tends to dry my lips a little, but that's just how my lips are.

I love how natural it looks and feels, both with the consistency and the color. This lip mousse is something I like to use on a daily basis as it looks appropriate for any occasion --- grocery shopping or meeting up with people or going on dates.

The Morning After as blush

I've used it as blush only a couple of times and I haven't taken any photos of it yet. I will update this post or make another about it when I do.


Definitely yes. Although this is priced at P699 per tube (which is a bit over my budget), this is something I'd get a lot of mileage of so it's pretty worth it. And it's not easy to find a MLBB shade, you know. Especially one that looks and feels like the natural lip, just better.

Aug 13, 2015

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game Lookbook

8/13/2015 0 Comments
Ahhh! Anyone here obsessed with this game? Because I am! I think I started playing at the beginning of the year. And here I am, still playing. Everyday.

Thankfully though I don't check in all the time now. I've risen to the top 100 and the gigs I receive are for 8 hours mostly. So I get to do only one gig a day unlike when I was new to the game that I receive a lot of 1 hour gigs. It was so much easier to finish them and that in turn helped me level up faster which made me quite crazy with the game. Doing an 8-hour gig takes forever to finish (and sometimes I forget to finish) so the rise to stardom is a little slower.

I do have a few complaints with the game. :D But I'm still playing despite them.

Today I'm sharing with you a few of the pics I've taken with the game's camera feature. I have quite a folder of these on my computer and I don't know what to do with them, and I don't want to delete them too.

I really like this navy and orange geometric print dress. I've worn this several times in the game. (I change my clothes there often ;) ) 

Here I'm channeling Korean fashion with a mini skirt, high neckline (cleavage is a no-no), and some boots. 

In a doll dress while up and about in Kardashian Hollywood with Kim K. 

Going sleek for an appearance gig at some restaurant.

Bright red hair with an all black outfit. *flips hair*

Hanging out at Kim K's house dressed in a tunic. The bag is adorbs!

Time to party all night!
I totally prefer the gold & white dress over the blue & black one (if you know what I'm talking about) but Kim's dress is more amazing. And those curves! O_o

 Just remembering it's winter in Australia while we're silently suffering from the intense summer heat.
I do wish there's a jacket option so we can layer clothes. 

In a dark mood.
In-game boyfriend broke up with me and I lost 70 thousand fans. ~,~ 

Publicist Maria tasked me to go on a date so I will be in the public's eye and thus gain fans. Hmm.
The tan jumpsuit's the bomb. It came with shoes. Hehe.

First and only friend. I found her on twitter. :D 

Going for the dainty look in Florence...

...And casual chic for a photo shoot in Paris.

Finally got myself some short hair. But every dress I put on made me look like Miley lol. So I decided on some pullovers and skinny jeans instead.

So that's all for now. I'm sure I'll have more in a few months. Let me know if you want to see more so I'll be sure to post them here on my blog.

For those who are playing this fantastic game, and if you're on the iOS server, please add me d3dawn. :) I would love to have more friends to play with.

As for those who aren't playing this game, why not check it out? It's a fun dress up game even if you're not into story mode games or you're not into Kim K. :D

Anyway, thanks for reading!