What To Wear To A Casual Evening Party

by - 10/18/2015

Going to an cocktail party and can't figure out what to wear? I also keep having that problem. Most parties I go to are usually set late in the afternoon and last till evening. The problem now is finding an attire that wouldn't look overdressed in the afternoon and under-dressed at night.

Pink Floral Chiffon Short Dress

Blue Chiffon Lace Short Dress

The dresses I go for and search for are dresses like these Pink Chiffon Short Dress with floral pattern and Blue Chiffon Short Dress with cityscape print. The colors and patterns makes it wearable during daylight, while the chiffon fabric makes it appropriate for evening.

Plus, they can be dressed up or down with different accessories, so you have the option to go more cutesy or elegant. You can also wear them with blazers and pumps to get the corporate chic look, or with cardigans and boots for a casual look. Dresses like these will get some mileage in my closet. :)

The dresses featured are from DRESS.PH. Check out their online store for more dresses like these. Orders are made thru PayPal so you're assured that it's safe and secure. They provide express shipping in a matter of 3-7 days. They also offer huge discounts - 85% off these two dresses, so it's worth checking out.

*This post is sponsored.

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