2 Face Cleansers

by - 8/11/2015

Both imperfect. But one I'm repurchasing while the other I won't. So which is which?

Pond's White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel

The Pond's Cleansing Gel is infused with pearl essence to make skin glow and become fairer. The Oxygenated Gel formula refreshes and cleanses the skin, removes dirt and oil from deep within, while leaving the skin soft and supple.


I haven't noticed any difference in whitening (probably because it's not something I obsess about) but my skin felt a lot softer after using this. I like the gel formula - its texture, its scent, its bubbles. What I don't like about it is it's difficult to rinse off. Takes forever especially if I'm washing my face at the sink. I find it easier to use at the shower.

It felt like there's a filmy residue which is what's making it so difficult to rinse off. But after using it in the shower under the onslaught of water, I discovered that when rinsed properly the residue doesn't feel so filmy. Instead my skin felt so silky smooth and soft.

Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam in Revitalizing (Blueberry)

This cleansing foam makes skin bright with blueberry extract that provides energy to skin. This cleanser is part of the Every Month Cleansing line from Etude House which contains 12 variants, which I'm assuming each should be used at the month corresponding to its number.

I got 8 which is August (bought in June/July), not because I plan ahead like that, but because I adore berries scent!


Like most Korean cleansers, this one from Etude House is opaque white and foams/lathers really well. It is easy to rinse well, which is what I prefer with my cleansers because it's less time consuming and saves more water too.

The blueberry scent is nice. Not too sweet or artificial or overpowering (although others might disagree). I have a sis who's very sensitive to scents and she loves the scent of this cleanser.

What I've noticed though (and my sisters as well) is that this cleansing foam makes me oily. Even my other sister who doesn't have oily skin complains that her nose becomes greasy when she uses this. What more my oily skin! Grease ball all over.

As for its revitalizing function, I think I get revitalized with the scent more than anything. :D The scent is a good pick-me-upper. Apart from that, my skin feels okay right after washing. It doesn't feel tight or dry.


I'll repurchase Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel to use in the shower. I would be needing a separate cleanser for the sink and it won't be Etude House's Every Month Cleansing Foam #8. I'll just use it up while enjoying the scent, then I'll move on.

Do you have any recommendations for me to try?

Thanks for reading!

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