The Face Shop's Natural Story Flower Compact Powder

by - 7/05/2013

When I bought my lip tint on Ebay, I also got this. It's a sample size of the Face Shop's Flower Compact Powder only at P21.00. From Seller usa2pinas.

This is what it says in the description:
The name, ‘THE FLOWER,’ comes from its ingredients. Made with mineral-enriched edible flowers such as Rose, Jasmine, Chamomile and more, these flower petals have been ground to micro-pigments with an advanced technology to provide luminous, velvety finish. This beautifully scented line is an ideal base-makeup line to create natural but flawless complexion. Micro-pigmented texture evens out your skin tone and hides imperfections without being heavy.  
Micro-pigmented texture evens out your skin tone and hides imperfections without being heavy. Powerful UV rays protection and leaves skin looking smooth and luminous with light-reflecting pigment. 
Coverage: sheer to medium.

Cool, right? The idea of flowers in my powder makes me think I'm a wood nymph or something. Lol. Too bad it didn't smell like flowers at all, or any scent for that matter, even though it said so in the description. It did indeed have a natural look, though.

I can't confirm if it has UV protection. It doesn't say so on the packaging, and it didn't come in a box.

I actually like how the cover looks despite it being made out of carton. The watercolor effect of what I perceived as a flower petal and the scribble of the title made me think of a Japanese painting.

There's a slight shadow / dirt there, because of the flimsy cover that bent when I placed it inside the bag. I'm sure some dirt has rubbed off it.

The back.
The whole thing is made of carton/cardboard. Even the clasp. But it has never opened on me before.

This is the back. It clearly isn't for sale, so I'm wondering how it was listed on Ebay. And I bought it too, so I'm sure I'm partly to blame.

On it is the list of ingredients. I'm not very well versed of these yet. I don't know what ingredients I should be buying and using, what makes me break out and such. I'm still on the process here guys. I'm sure I'll eventually learn. I did recognize talc, jasmin, hibiscus and rosa. :D

It also says here it's the color NB21. Don't know so much about that too. As far as I know, I'm supposed to be an NC because of my yellowish undertone. As to the number, I'm still in the guessing game. It did look quite right though, if not a tad too white. Who the hell made up of this number system anyway? Not that I'm complaining, I just wish I could find a reference for easier identification.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that this number system isn't yet used by everyone? So some colors out there are totally named in a different manner.

Love in Flower
Silk wear on your face!

It's so small! Like, really! It's very time consuming to pat on face with the puff. I do sometimes use a brush to hasten things up, but I find I don't have enough coverage on my T-zone that way. The small puff comes handy though when retouching my nose, because it's just the right size.

This powder I have been using alternately with my e.l.f. powder (review here) and I have to say, this powder doesn't make me oil as much as the e.l.f.'s. After 3 hours in this powder I only have a slight sheen to my nose, which my small puff can handle on the go.

Here's the swatch. It doesn't really show. I should really stop posting swatches of things that don't show. Now it just seems I'm showing you my fist. :)


I would definitely want to purchase this again. I'll try getting the original size. I hope it can still be found in the store. I don't see it much online.

Though I might also buy other powders as well. I've heard of other powders that are good for oily skin, so I might try those.

What powder do you think I should try next?

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  1. I just started using TheFaceShop Face It Oil Cut Pore Powder Pact SPF25 PA++ and so far it's great. I have normal-oily skin and it helps me control my sebum. You should totally check it out! A bonus for this one, you could always buy a refill.

    1. Yey! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check it out. :)