Garnier Fructis Frizz Tamer Shampoo

by - 5/09/2016

When I first heard about Garnier Fructis shampoos back the height of my beauty blogging (lol) it was on Jenny Ye's blog and she was talking about one for color treated / damaged hair. Her before and after photos were incredible and I thought to myself that when the brand brings the products to this country, I would be sure to try them out for myself.

I have never dyed my hair so I knew that variant wasn't for me, but I sure found something that would suit me better, the Sleek and Shine for frizzy and rebellious hair. I actually bought this more than a year ago (sorryyyyy :/ ) but just blogging about this now because: hiatus ---> trying to revive blog ---> don't have time to edit pics ---> looked at folder of old edited pics.

This one is really good. I love my hair when I use this shampoo. Although at first I was having dandruff issues, but later on realize that it was because I wasn't rinsing it well. So if you do try this out, be sure to rinse well. It actually takes longer than usual to rinse everything out.

My hair has become softer and smoother and more manageable. I didn't turn my hair into broomsticks nor did it become limp. There's actually a bit of body, volume that's just right in my opinion.

I have bought several bottles of this shampoo already. I even tried the conditioner counterpart (because I did like the formula but don't want to deal with the dandruff - but that's changed when I realized my mistake). I do try other shampoos too, because this one doesn't exactly fit my average-priced shampoo (and my sis already thinks I overspend for it --- she's a sachet girl ;) ). The well known brands in the country are less than P100 per bottle, and this one from Garnier is priced more than P100. The ones from Suave and White Rain are in the same price range but they contain more product than this. That's why I try not to over-indulge and try to switch up every now and then.

Several years ago using another shampoo
Last year, using Garnier Fructis Frizz Tamer shampoo

PS. I never style my hair. I'm a wash and wear gal. :) I know you must think that if I have unruly hair, why don't I just style it, blow dry it? Well, this is a tropical country, extremely hot most days. When I've just taken a shower, do you really expect me to blaze my scalp with hot air so I'll end up sweating within 30 minutes of being refreshed? I think most Filipinos think the same way since I always see girls and guys leaving their houses with damp hair. :D Hehe

Hair products are also a no-no for me because I have oily skin and scalp and they'll just create one icky mess.

So that's it for my review. Try this out if you're looking for a shampoo to tame your unruly hair. :)

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