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by - 4/01/2015

I have to admit, I really wasn't into Youtube before. When almost everyone I know is recommending some funny YouTube video in Facebook, I was never really curious. Even in my previous workplace, my co-workers and boss go to YouTube for music, and I think it's just a waste of bandwidth when they could just download the songs and play them without affecting the internet speed. *Internet speed in the Philippines is really slow, I have something to complain about.*

But I was converted when I started watching Beauty YouTubers/Guru videos. I remember clearly that I searched for BB cream application and that's when I discovered the world of beauty vlogging (and blogging). It was also around that moment when I started my beauty blog, because I was hooked on everything beauty-related.

A year and a half later, I have quite a long list of subscribed channels. :D But here's my 5 favorite:

Jen | From Head To Toe

I started following Jen when I discovered her after searching for BB cream application online. I guess I fell in love with everything. She knows exactly what to do with her Asian hooded eyes, something I haven't found elsewhere in YouTube. I especially loved when she went to Korea for a vacation and for a month or so she had the "Korean Beauty" look which looked very youthful and cute.

Jenn | Clothes Encounters

Another Asian who is rocking it! Jenn is my fashion idol, although I don't have the same style as hers. She is more on the edgy, mostly back looks. But the way she styles herself, changing from edgy to comfy to classy is something we should all try to emulate.

Estee | Essie Button

Estee is a Canadian who's residing in England. She is funny. Her take on products is highly entertaining. I found her when I was searching for Revlon lipsticks swatches, and her video was so bright and light and amusing that I instantly fell in love.

Sinead | The Makeup Chair

Sinead gives the best tutorials in YouTube, in my opinion. They're concise yet so educational that I can't keep myself from checking her videos out because I know that they're worth my while and won't eat up my time when I don't have enough of it. She also does amazing transformations which look exactly like the person she's trying to look like. Among my faves are Megan Fox, Demi Lovato, and Belle of Beauty and the Beast.

Ingrid | Miss Glamourazzi

Ingrid reminds me so much of Lea Salonga, not only in looks but also with the way she speaks and her gestures when speaking. What I enjoy about Ingrid's videos is how she is easily relatable. She often have drugstore brands to recommend and her style - both in clothing and interior design - is totally relaxed yet stylish.

How about you guys? Who are your favorites on YouTube? Share them in the comments.

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