December Collective Haul

by - 1/08/2015

I just want to share with you what I got last December. Some of this things I bought for myself, while others were gifted to me by friends and loved ones. Is it so obvious that beauty products makes me happy? :D

All of these products/brands are my first time to try them, so I'm quite ecstatic to try them out and give you my opinion. If there's any product among this list that you want to read about, just let me know. :)

From top left:
Oryspa Champorado Body Scrub. Oryspa is known to use rice bran as their primary ingredient and to use 100% organic ingredients in all their products. Champorado is a Filipino snack made of rice and chocolate (and sometimes milk). This body scrub is obviously made with rice bran and chocolate. So excited to try this out.
China Glaze in Champagne Bubbles and Tinsel Town. I've already made a post on Champagne Bubbles, and yet to post on Tinsel Town.
Hand Cream Therapy Set. My sis gave this to me after she read a comment I wrote (and was reflected on Google+) about my curiosity with hand creams. I'm trying out Ocean Bliss right now and it's so moisturizing.
Ellana Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub. I have an eternal dry lips problem and was wondering if lip scrubs would help. I've tried this once and wasn't very impressed.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I got one in medium and it is perfect for my skin tone. It is creamy but isn't too heavy.
Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Just Say Yes. Took me a very long time to choose this color. There's so many to choose from their site. This lippie promises a three-fold function: shine like gloss, pigment like lipstick and hydration like balm. I'll share with you my opinions in another post. This color is a rare choice for me since I usually go for red/berry shades. I am not that disappointed with this color.
Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder. I'm seeing a lot of people reviewing this product nowadays. So weird because I promise I didn't buy this just to jump on the band wagon. Saw this product at Zalora at a reasonable price. It promises to be effective against oil and that was basically enough for me to go ahead and try it out. I have been using this for a few weeks and it does feel like baby powder. :D
Wet n Wild in Walking on Eggshells. Heard so many good things about this eye shadow palette and I just thought it might come in handy.
Sweet Macaron Lip. This balm promises to make pigmented lips naturally pink again. Will let you know if this works on me.


Just two big ticket stuff: a little black dress from Something Borrowed and a pink envelope clutch from Ezra. The LBD was what I decided on when I was searching for a dress to wear to an event (more about that dress search here). Too bad I didn't end up attending the event because there was news of a super typhoon then so I cancelled my plans on travelling.

This is how the dress looks like when worn. That's from the Zalora website. Lol, that's not me. I haven't worn the dress yet, but I am sure I would find another opportunity to wear it.

The envelope clutch was the perfect bag to bring when travelling. It easily fits in my bag without taking up much space. It can go from casual to formal just by detaching the wrist strap. It's also big enough to carry most of my necessities when I go out.

So that's all for my new beauty and fashion products for December. Who knows when I'll have another haul post again. Hahaha. :D December really is something else, isn't it? I'm curious to know what new stuff you're all testing out right now. :) Let me know in the comments, or leave your links if you've already posted about it. :) See you in my next post.

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