Innisfree Anti-Sebum Cleansing Foam (From Herbtea)

by - 3/04/2014

This Anti-Sebum Cleansing Foam from Innisfree looks to be the answer to my facial oil problems. It effectively removes oils and keeps my face oil-free for hours. Unfortunately I am not loving it too much. Sometimes I feel it is a little bit too harsh that it also strips it of moisture.

And a confusion: The label says it is from Herbtea, with the brand name Innisfree also printed on it. I used to think Herbtea is a line from Innisfree, but looking at the website I can't find if it is true. It could be a collab product between two companies, so if anyone knows for certain, do enlighten me.

This cleanser contains the herbs thyme and mint. It has a very refreshing and cooling effect on skin but the scent is a little too overpowering, and I'm not even talking about a "yummy" kind of overpowering.

This is a big bottle at 150 ml, so there's enough to last months especially if you alternate this cleanser with another, probably a gentler one. 

The label at the back is in Korean.

A pet peeve: messy caps and flaps. The cap of this product was designed to irritate OCDs out there.

The opening of the tube is smaller than the opening of the cap. And there is a gap between the two so product accumulates there. After squeezing some products in my hand, what's left inside the rim of the cap doesn't get suctioned back into the tube because the opening is smaller, it just stays there. So when you close the cap, the product oozes out and messes up the cap and its flap.

I used to clean it up every time, but I finally gave up. It's now covered all over with cleanser.

The cleanser has a "normal" consistency. It lathers fairly well and rinses easily. It doesn't leave any film or residue on my face. It does somehow makes my skin a little drier.


I bought this online at Hip Style Online Shop (Philippine-based). There isn't any Innisfree stores that I know, so any Innisfree products have to be bought online.


I like that it removes my oils and keep me oil free, but I don't like that it's drying out my face. I have to use this only a few times a week or else my skin would get greasier, and that would totally beat the purpose of it. I don't like the scent, although I'm starting to get used to it now. Same thing with the cap. I've just learned to live with it.

When I'm done with this, probably in 3 more months, I'm not buying this again. :/

So that's all for my review. Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. most of the sample innisfree products are great but their smell are overpowering. too bad that this wash strips the moisture off your could have been a good product since it's hard to find a cleanser that really keeps the skin oil free (I gave up on finding the right cleanser for my sister who has oily skin)

    1. I didn't know that about Innisfree. Thanks for the heads up. I am planning on getting some more items from them. :)

  2. Hey Dawn! It's been awhile! How are you?
    Honestly, I never tried any of Innisfree products before but I'm pretty sure I heard lots of beauty bloggers that I'm following are raving about its Green Tea line.
    As for me, finding the right cleanser is a never ending task! Hehe but it's fun as I always want to try new cleansers. I have oily-normal skin and my fave cleansers so far are Baking Powder Cleansing Foam (deep cleansing), Happy Fresh Foam: White Clay (Deep Cleansing plus moisture) - both from Etude House. Depends on my skin that day, these sometimes drying up my skin a little bit so I usually just put on my moisturiser quickly. Hehe
    Love, Mira

    1. Hi Mira! Yup, it's been a while. :D

      I agree with you that finding the right cleanser is a never ending task. Lol! I still haven't found one I really love. But I have on my wishlist the White Clay one from Etude after reading about it on your blog. :) Thanks for your suggestions.

    2. what~ really?? hehehe I don't know whether I should feel happy or not but hikhik our welcome! :D hope you like it. Actually I haven't review the White Clay one. The one I reviewed is Witch Hazel. But as I tried the White Clay one, I think I like it better than Witch Hazel. hehe
      Do share what you think once you tried it, okay!