Watsons Mini Haul

by - 11/20/2013

Watsons Sale last weekend and I bought everything full price! Hmph. :/

Last weekend there was a Watsons Sale (I've read it around on other Filipino blogs) so I have made plans to pass by to check out some items and buy some stuff. Lo and behold, the sale is actually 10% off for a minimum purchase of P1500! Like hell I'll spend P1500! I didn't go to a sale to actually spend more (although that happens too). I was just shocked you know. So I just roamed around and looked at stuff, then decided to get some toiletries.

But then one of the SAs there gave us a coupon. :D A "50 pesos off for a minimum of P300 purchase" coupon. So I was definitely on board. I was pretty excited to buy something on "sale" so to speak. But then we reached the counter, and the cashier told us the coupon was only valid for Watson branded products. Argh! Our Watsons product didn't reach P300 so we weren't able to avail the P50 discount. :( Epic fail.

Well, okay, just shrug it off. It was only P50 anyway. But while I was checking out other blogs, I happen to read that drugstore cosmetic brands are on sale up to 50% off in other branches. Facepalm! T.T

This is a picture taken by Carizza Chua. Check out her post on Watsons Sale.

What I bought

  • Watsons Treatment Shampoo with Henna extract
  • Watsons Treatment Shampoo with Beer
    • Bought the two at P189. It's Watsons' usual "buy one take one" deal.
  • Watsons wooden cushion hairbrush
    • I needed a new comb/brush. Been taking hand-me-downs from siblings. I know, weird, but they keep giving them to me. I don't actually remember the last time I bought a comb for myself. Or at all.
  • Beauty Buffet red grapes moist mask
  • Beauty Buffet apple & evening primrose facial mask
    • Bought the two at P59. Another of Watsons' deal. Each costs P44.
  • LipIce Mentholatum lip balm in strawberry
    • Yeah another lip balm. My Maybelline Baby Lips has expired, so I went and bought out another one. This one has been recommended by Holly. :)
    • Bought at P89.
So yeah, haven't actually bought everything at full price. That's just me being exaggerated. Hehe. Although, the deals I've got weren't anything special. Watsons have these deals year round, I think.

So that's it for my first haul post. :) Not exactly the most exciting, is it? Hahaha. See you in my next post then. :)

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  1. Replies
    1. O_o Really? I felt I only bought a few since I'm trying to "save" so to speak. Hahaha. Not all of that are mine. ;D I'm thinking of giving a couple of these as gifts for Christmas. :)

  2. NOOOOOOO!!! I wish I lived in Asia, too bad I'm stuck in UK, I hope their would another sale when I'm in HK… Thanks for sharing!!


    1. Ooooh! UK! I wish I am in UK. :D There's a lot of stuff you can buy in UK that's not available in Asia.
      I'm sure there will be another sale, probably nearing Christmas. :)

  3. My first time too hear a shampoo with beer. How's the smell, and the effect after use? I wanted to try LipIce also.


    1. Yeah me too. Hehe. The smell is pretty nice. Doesn't smell like beer at all. :) It's suppose to give volume to the hair. I'm still trying it out. I'll write a review in a couple of weeks.