Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo

by - 8/01/2013

This is my attempt to clear my oily scalp and hair, and some dandruff issues too. I have read online on various sources that the reason we get oily scalp and hair, as well as dandruff is because of the harsh products we use on our hair, from shampoos to conditioners, hair sprays, mousse and wax, they accumulate on our scalp and causes the pores to be clogged. In the same way the pores on our face reacts when clogged, our scalp goes through that process as well, which pretty much makes sense.

On another source, it stated that when our scalp becomes oily, we get into the habit of washing our hair frequently, trying to get rid of the oil, but the author claims this would backfire as the more moisture is stripped, the more it is reproduced. His/her solution is not to wash the hair every day. Which is like "no can do" for me since I live in a tropical country and not washing is like gross. Think of the sweat your scalp accumulates in one day under the season these people call "summer" which is pretty much everyday for us. I do think people who made that rule only think of themselves and made it as a rule for the world, which sounds pretty self-centered to me.

Anyway, leaving ranting aside, I have learned that the best way to rid ourselves of oily scalp is using a clarifying shampoo. It cleanses our scalp of the goo and gunk that has built up and makes them feel anew.

There wasn't much choice of clarifying shampoos in the department and beauty stores, so I got this one. It claims to be gentle enough for everyday use.

"Bring out the natural beauty of your hair with this pH-balanced deep cleansing formula that helps remove residue without stripping moisture."


My hair and scalp aren't oily now. :) My hair doesn't become limp a few hours after washing. It had decreased my dandruff when I first started it, but after several days I've noticed it worsened a bit. I am guessing it was probably because I have used this day by day because I thought this was gentle for everyday use. I have doubts about that now. I don't think we should. I'm alternating this shampoo with another one, an ordinary "make my hair pretty" shampoo. That has lessened my dandruff significantly.

I would also suggest to use conditioner every time you use this shampoo. It is very drying. I don't use conditioner all the time, since I'm used to having oily hair and thought I don't need it as much. Having used this shampoo without conditioner made my hair feel stiff and unmanageable.

This, anyway, has a clean scent which most people will love. I don't like it though. lol. I like floral or fruity scents in my products. But that's okay. At least if I have a strongly scented conditioner they won't clash.


A big bottle at 355ml priced at P140+, and not having to use it everyday, I think it's worth it. This would take months to empty. It is effective in preventing oil and build up, and not to mention the only clarifying shampoo I've seen in our stores. lol. Or maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

I say this is a definite must buy for everyone, with oily scalp or not, since we need to cleanse our scalp from residue once in a while.

So that's it for my review for today. I hope you learned something new from me, or at least enjoyed my post. :) Let me know if you would consider buying this product, or if you have found and tried another clarifying shampoo that you'd like me to try. Thanks everyone! Have a nice day!

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  1. Hmmm your dandruff worsen a bit? I have same problem actually. Dandruff. I don't use the ordinary shampoo because of my dandruff, they tend to worsen it except for Head and Shoulders but H&S tend to make my hair dry too...

    What i do now is use shampoo every other day. Like monday I use shampoo with conditioner and then tuesday only conditioner but only on the hair tips then wednesday shampoo again with conditioner.

    I also use once a week Watsons Hair Spa Treatment - very cheap kasi that was 249 i think then you get two big tubs of it na. I hope you try it because it makes our hair NOT oily just the right feel.

    1. I cannot not shampoo when I bathe because I'll get a headache. Lol. It feels like taking a shower in the rain for me. Lol.

      I'll try the Watson's Hair Spa Treatment Next Time. What color are you using? I've seen a lot of those in different colors at the mall. :)

  2. Hi! Ano camera gamit mo? BTW, I have an ongoing giveaway, check it out. :)

    1. Hi Gracey! I'm using my HTC One V phone for taking pictures. :D

      Thanks for the giveaway invite. I love joining giveaways! :D

  3. Hi! Where did you buy this? :)

    1. I bought that at SM Supermarket in Cubao. I think it's available in most SMs. I've also seen it in Mindpro Mall in Zamboanga.