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by - 2/01/2017

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was counting on this month's (January) box to make it up to me and to other subscribers, and that I am excited when they announced that delivery begins on the 16th. Well, I received it that very week and I couldn't be happier!

The box this time is in pink and green colors to channel the look of the new Mary Kay products that it contains. It's prettier than the Holiday box I dare say.

Their theme for this month is Super Fresh since it's the new year and every one is off to a fresh start.

In line with the theme are the new Mary Kay products that the box contains. The cleansing gel and moisturizing gel are infused with enriching, anti-oxidant packed dragon fruit and aloe extracts.

Another item which I don't think really fits the theme is the Mary Kay eyebrow pencil in brunette. But you could always interpret it as having on-fleek brows makes you look fresh. 😕

They also gave away a Mary Kay catalog for those who are interested and curious to buy more items from the brand. Personally, I'd like to get myself some of the products but the prices are a little steep. The ones in the box are among the cheapest of their products.

Overall, I love this month's issue of Saladbox. All items are in full sizes and the quality is unquestionable. For the price, I think it's worth it with how much I spent for the box. The delivery is also quick too. And did I mention that there's a mild fragrance that wafts out of the box when you open it? Love it!

Aren't you interested about getting a Saladbox subscription yet? 😸

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  1. Aw everything looks so lovely, such pretty packaging! Your blog is so cute! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara (P.S we should absolutely follow each other on bloglovin or instagram haha :D xx)

  2. I've known Mary Kaye as one of the good quality in a safe side of the price. But I never had the chance to subscribe to a subscription box as this. I don't know. Hihi. Thanks for the post! By the way, how is Saladbox related to Giltbox?


    1. Giltbox used to be called Saladbox. They changed the name last year. Which is a good idea in my opinion since most people I talked to thinks saladbox is about food.