The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Angel Skin Powder Pact

by - 11/14/2013

My last pressed powder from the Face Shop already hit pan, and since I liked it well enough I thought I would get another from the same brand. I got myself this time a Lovely Me:Ex Angel Skin Powder Pact.

What I look for in a powder is the ability to control my oil and some semblance of coverage since I only use a BB cream underneath. So far, I haven't been regretting my decision to buy this powder. Read on for my review. :)


The Lovely Me:Ex powder pact from the Face Shop has a beautiful pearly pink case that shaped unconventionally. It is oval in my opinion, while I've read in other reviews that it is egg-shaped. It has a weird depression/indention at the top of the pact (the photo isn't making this obvious) that makes it look like it got squished or something. I am not sure what that depression's purpose is, but I'm thinking that from the way I use it, it's to give me a better grip on the pact when snapping it shut with one hand.

The front of the pact also has a label situated near the clasp in a cute brown font with 2 hearts.

The back of the pact has the name, shade, weight and expiration date. There is also an "open" tab where you lift the paper and the you will see more information underneath, like the description, directions, caution and ingredients.
*I didn't get a photo of that*
Various spherical powders that absorb sebum with a time difference so the skin will be matte and fresh looking all day without any dryness.
I picked out the RB35 shade. There were 4 shades available in the store and I picked the second lightest one. It's not the same shade as my previous Face Shop powder which was NB21, so now I'm a little confused as to what shade I really am. Be that as it may, this powder matched my skin tone as well. 

Inside, the powder pact houses a mirror on the cover and includes a puff with a plastic separator sitting on top of the powder. The mirror is pretty large, taking up the entire flat plane of the cover.

The puff is cream colored with a pink ribbon and the same labeling as the one on the front of the pact. It looks dainty. :) I really appreciate powder pacts with this kind of puff included because it's so much easier to hold the puff and apply the powder onto the face.

That's the underside of the puff, so soft and cushiony. :D It doesn't take too much powder unless if you really rub it in the pan. The soft, even surface also allows for an even application of product to the face.

I also appreciate having the plastic separator. It can be a bit of a hassle to take it off every time I apply, but I am not chucking it out. I do wish there's a better way than tipping the entire pact over just to take the separator out. *Getting lazy, aren't I?*

I would also like to point out that the surface of the powder has an engraving of the product label. :D Pretty cute.


The powder is finely milled and softly packed in the pan. It is easy to get a lot with a little pressure. That is why I use the puff and not a brush on this. I feel like it'll all go flying with a swirl of a brush.

But I never had problem with the application though. After patting it on, it stayed put on my face. It doesn't settle on any lines and had kept it's promise of keeping oil at bay, although I need a retouch every 4 hours or so.

Yep, that's my face. I had applied the Lovely Me:Ex powder pact on my T-zone and used my old almost-empty powder swirled with a brush on the other parts of my face. And lookie here! My forehead is shining! O_o And the usual greasy culprits, like the nose and cheeks, were matte and smooth. Cool!


Smells so nice! Like a kid freshly bathed. Lol! I don't know. I always have difficulty describing scents. According to the ingredients, this product has a lot of fruit, flower and leaf extracts (mango, papaya, banana, rosemary, tea tree, chamomile) so that should be an indication of how nicely this smells. It doesn't smell too strongly though, and I am sure that is not a fruity scent. :)

Oh yeah, just a thought. Maybe I think it smells like a freshly bathed kid because kids use powder after bathing? Hehehe. It just smells so nice, take my word for it. :P

Price & Availability

This Lovely Me:Ex Powder Pact retails at P395. Just average priced for a powder pact this good. It can be purchased at any The Face Shop store.


I'm in love with this powder. It keeps me matte for several hours and gives me additional coverage, making the complexion more even toned.

Will I repurchase? Definitely yes!

So that's it for my review of this lovely powder from the Face Shop. Have you tried this yet? If so, how would you describe the scent? Lol. *I know, weird question.* :D Any thoughts and comments are welcome! :)

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  1. Hey Dawn! Aww~ this is so cute! I like the cute pink hue and the brand engraving on the powder. :D
    I think the reason of the case is being mold like that is you know, the ergonomic thing. Like you said, it's easy to just shut it close with one hand. Whoa~ like a flip phone.
    Haha :D we have almost the same hairstyle only mine is longer. Nice photo by the way.
    So, overall, does it help you controlling the oil in the T-zone? Cause the way that I see it, though your forehead is shining, it's a good shine. Not oily or anything. Love the matte finish on the side of your face.
    So cute the way you're describing the scent! Like a baby after a bath? hmm. I know that smell. I have a baby nephew. :) It is nice.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I'll try this out this weekend. TFS is having member sale! yay!
    xx, Mira |

    1. Oooh! I'm jealous! We have Watson's sale this weekend, so that's where I'll be heading. :D I didn't know the FaceShop has membership too?
      Anyway, thanks for the compliment. Also, I haven't noticed your hair. Hmmm *deciding whether to scan your blog for photos* haha. I wish my hair is longer as well. Been trying to grow it out.
      You're right about the ergonomic thing. I didn't know though that cosmetics companies are into that. :D
      As for the powder (hehe) it did indeed control my oil. I was using another powder at my forehead, because I was trying to use up my old powder. :D

  2. Wowowow! I've been looking for a matte power for a long time now! All of mine seem to give me a ghostly tone. :'<
    Thank you so much for this helpful review. <3 I'll be sure to invest in it soon!

    1. Yeah, try checking out this powder. This might be the one you're searching for. Hehehe sounds so cheesy. :D

  3. Thank God you are not regretting buying this one! Or else you won't be using this anymore. :D

    1. Nyahaha I know. I'm so fickle nowadays. :D

  4. This product I really like, I want to try the blush of this same line I think is a pretty good product and I will have it available on my future wishlist.

    1. Yeah, the Faceshop also has some pretty blushes. :)

  5. Great review. I also only wear BB cream and am looking for a good powder with some extra coverage.

  6. Love it! What an appealing package <3 ! Nice review! XO