Garnier Light Complete Night Restore

by - 11/28/2013

I totally have not been using moisturizer since I stopped using Celeteque some months ago because I have been swamped with products to review and I feel I need to concentrate on one thing at a time to be able to assess the product better.

But since the recent products I'm testing out are about 2-3 weeks old, I decided to go ahead and find myself a moisturizer.

I'm actually a night owl (surprise surprise~eye bags) so I didn't think it would be a good choice to get a day cream/moisturizer as I wouldn't be awake to apply it. Haha.

So when I visited the mall last week, I checked out some night creams and finally decided on this one by Garnier. There is a sachet version of this, I think, but thought it might not last long enough to make a review of. :D #bloggerlogic But I still got a smaller tube of 20 ml, afraid to commit to something bigger and more expensive too soon.

So what do I think about this product? Here's my review:

Box photos: front, right side, and rear view

The right side view lists the ingredients and at the bottom, to my dismay I cropped out, is an FSC logo which means the packaging is made from responsible sources. By using the logo, Garnier supports forest management that respects people and nature. :)

The back of the box has descriptions of the product in 2 languages. One in English and the other Indonesian (educated guess?). Product is made in Indonesia, so it goes without saying that it is in Indonesian. *I'm open to corrections though.*

More box photos

Left side view is the one in green which states Garnier's philosophy. Leading European brand... Designed for Asian skin... I don't understand. Are there that many Asians in Europe? Or are Europeans into Asian beauty as well?

At the bottom of the left side has the volume of the product, shelf life, and the recycle icon. The bottom left picture is of the top of the box. It only has this logo of a leaf, which in my opinion means this product is made from natural ingredients (Part of their Philosophy). On the right side of the picture are the photos of the bottom of the box where the bar code is and the manufacturing date.

On the back of the tube is the same description as the back of the box. :)

The Night Restore Cream from Garnier contains the following ingredients:
  • Pure lemon essence
  • Natural peeling fruit extracts
  • Long Dan extract
  • Vitamin C

It claims to:

  • intensively exfoliate skin
  • lighten dark spots
  • even out skin tone
  • make skin look fairer and fresher

Tube opening and cap. Opening is smaller than average, which is okay by me since it's easy to control the dispensing of product.

Hand swatches

The texture of the cream is light and is easily spread and absorbed.


The scent smells nice. :D It's lemony, but I won't say it resembles a fresh lemon cut and squeezed. Maybe if you mix that juice with soap, it would. :D It just doesn't smell as refreshing, you know?

It can be a bit strong when first applied, so those who are not into scented beauty and skin products might not be too happy with it. The scent slowly fades out as time passes (yes, still not asleep hours after putting it on) so it's milder and easier on the nose. I actually like the smell.

Price and Availability

Bought this at Watsons for P99. The 50ml jar is at P200+. Garnier is easily available at beauty and skincare counters in department stores and supermarkets. I even found them in Zamboanga where there's a pitiful selection of everything except sea food. Hahaha. *Zamboanguena here*

My Experience

 I haven't noticed if my skin tone got fairer. I'm pretty fair as it is (lack of sunlight most likely). I am okay with that though. What I was after was some hyperpigmentations to lighten up. I only noticed a slight improvement, but that may be because I haven't been using this for too long. I know, it would have been best if I tried this out some more, but I'm almost running out of this. I guess 20ml isn't much.

I also woke up to crazy greasy skin with this. Not exactly a fresh feeling. :/ But after washing my face, it feels fresher then. :D

I haven't experienced any exfoliation too. Or maybe I was just expecting for something that never happened, like peeling or grits or the substance to turn to gel like some exfoliating products are known to do.

With that being said, my skin looks *slightly* better than the week before. Hopefully with prolonged use the effects would be more noticeable. I am willing to try this out again to see how it fares.


I will buy again. :)

I'm open to any suggestions though. Something averaged price, please. I know how expensive moisturizers can get. :/

Thanks for reading my review. :) See you around!

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  1. Hey Dawn! :D Yay! New beauty review! ^_^
    Maybe I did mentioned this somewhere in blog, maybe not but I am a big fan of Garnier products. Well, all because the whole range is affordable to an archi student like me. I used the products (including the one you reviewed here) for about 6 months and finished 2 sets of these and I was on my third set when I got terrible sunburn and hence I changed my whole skincare routine.
    If you want to see the results, I gotta say, you have to finish at least one full size (50ml) tub. For me, it took me about 3 months to use this one as this is the night cream. Love the texture by the way. But within the first month I saw the result which is good. Your pigmentation ain't that bad so this is good for you I think. As for mine is crazy! so I have to switch products cause these ain't working for me anymore.
    Oh, by the way, Garnier has released a new line based on Sakura. I got it myself the whole range (yeah, though I'm using Korean skincare right now I still bought it anyway hehe), I got a friend who's using it and said it's working greatly in bringing out the radiance. Do give it a try. In Malaysia the price is slightly more expensive than the Light Complete line but it doesn't come with a toner. But Singapore stores currently have it so I bet your place also have it.
    ah. sorry for the long reply. heee
    xx, Mira |

    1. Hehehe I actually enjoy your long comments. :)

      I'll keep my eyes peeled for the one's in sakura. But the Garnier grapefruit line has just been released here, so it may take a while for the sakura. But when I see it, I won't think twice on trying it out. :)

  2. Hello sis! I'm using the Night Restore now, not only for the face but specifically for the legs since I have a few embarrassing scars there. I super love the scent, kulang nalang kainin ko kung pwede lang hahaha. Anyway, for the past week since started using it, I did notice a little lightened effect on them. So maybe a month or two more I might see the dramatic effect. =)

    1. OMG! I just saw your post on the box Garnier sent you. That was a lot. Lucky you!

      Hehe pwede pala yun? I also have a couple of scars sa legs. Hmmm I'll do that too. Nyahaha. Wais ka talaga sis. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Hello, Dawn! I have nominated you to this Liebster Award! Let's get to know a little bit more about each other! Happy tagging! :D
    Check out for more info in my blog!

    xx, Mira

    1. Yey! Thanks for the nomination Mira! I'll check it out now.

  4. Hi Dawn, I have also nominated you for The Liebster Award.(A second nomination~ XD )
    Do check it out at my blog:

    Ashley. :D

    1. Yey! Thanks Ashley. I'll probably do a joint post about this. :)

  5. I love Garnier's moisturizing products. <3 They're seriously almost the only brand I've tried by far that doesn't clog my pores.
    I have another lotion from the Body Shop at the moment that has similar properties. Maybe I'll try this out soon and compare! I like how it's, "made for Asian skin". LOL
    Thank you for the review! <3

    1. Oooh I'll check out your blog for a review on that lotion. :)

  6. sis i think the improvements will increase after awhile, i used their eye roll on that is very similiar to this one, it took 2 months to see the improvement but after that it has been consistently improving as i use it :D i like it pa kase it's not too expensive :)

    1. Oo nga, I also like that about Garnier products. :D Really easy on the budget. I'm excited for the effects to really show. :D
      Thanks Shayne!

  7. Hi :)
    This is my first time hearing about this product, and now you got me thinking about purchasing it :D Thank you so much for the review!
    Do stop by my blog sometime ^_^

    -Misha |

    1. You're welcome. And yes, I would love to. :)