Nail Art

by - 8/29/2013

This is my first attempt at nail art. I see a lot of nail art on blogs, youtube, and instagram. They're all so cute! So I know it wouldn't take long before I'll be trying it out. :)

I had intended of just painting my nails in one color, just orange, but got bored because I have been using the same color for many weeks straight.

The other nail polishes I already had, bought still in Zamboanga half a year ago before I came here in Manila. The pale pink is actually very gloopy now, if you can see on the picture. The black, which I rarely use, is still in good condition but I'm not the type to sport black nails. :( I have tried it, it didn't feel like me.

So, instead of painting with one color, I immediately decided to try making nail arts! I did five designs. :D What do you think looks best? I like my pointer finger because it what's looked the neatest, but I don't like that it has too much black on it.

Weee! I'm excited to do more. I have to buy more colors though. I don't think black and orange looks very nice. Kinda looks like Halloween :D I'm way too early for it.

Anyway, I haven't done my left hand. I'm left handed you see? My left could do all these details, but I'm sure my right hand is gonna make a botch job at it. :( I just painted my left with a plain orange color. Would that be weird?

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  1. i like the middle finger. looks cool. But the colors remind me of halloween. lol

    1. Lol! Bf says the design on the middle finger looks like a doughnut. Hahaha.

  2. I like the pointer finger too. Nice work! Can you show me how you did it? I have been trying nail arts lately.

    1. Yey! I'll do that for my next nail post. :) Thanks for the idea.

      I wanna see your nail arts too. :)

  3. Hi Dawn, I nominated you for the Liebster Award, feel free to do it if you'll like. I know you did one already so its up to you! hehe<3 But yeah you can come to my blog and find the questions and rules.


  4. Hi. I have tagged you in the This and That post. Hope you get chance to do it x