Sophie Paris Kluge Lipsticks

by - 6/29/2013

Let me review with you two of my favorite lipsticks right now. They're from a brand called Sophie Paris. I am a dealer, but I have only tried these two recently because I have been using a Koshize color that they've recently just phased out.

This Kluge line is so cute, probably marketed to teenagers, that is probably why I didn't check them out at first. The packaging is so adorable. Pink transparent plastic cap reveals the color of the lipstick and the metal holding it.

There is a Kluge logo on the cap, in fuschia and an adorable script font, and it is bordered by swirls forming a cute heart. I love the cap. It doesn't look like a typical lipstick packaging.

These are the two colors I love, Candy Peach and Smooth Rosewood. Well, the names say it, Candy Peach is a pale peach color, while Smooth Rosewood is a nice rose pink color.


That's with two coats of lipstick. The lipsticks aren't very pigmented so the first swipe doesn't really show well on camera. It does look nice already on the lips, but girls who wants a full on color could always apply more. As for me, I don't like a thick lipstick application where it looks unnatural, that's why this works for me. It is a little drying though, so it is best if you apply a lip balm prior to application. 

The colors look yummy on my skin, and there are more yummy colors to choose from. Candy Peach reminds me of cotton candy. As for the scent, it has a scent that I can't place. It's okay though, not very distracting and perfumy.

This is only priced at P120. Very inexpensive. You can buy them from a Sophie Paris dealer near you or online.

Yummy colors to choose from.

So, have you tried Sophie Paris Kluge lipsticks yet? What are your thoughts about it? Are you willing to try it out if you haven't yet? :)

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  2. The shades look so pretty! I would love to try them. I like Sophie lipsticks a lot!

    Maxinne ♥

    1. Yes, all the colors are. I love them too. Very inexpensive but doesn't look cheap, especially this line.

      Thanks for visiting my blog Maxinne! :)

  3. I have one in Sister Pink shade. It's not very pigmented also, I have to make three swipes for it to be visible. But I like the fruity/candy smell it has and its cute size. The next time I'll purchase, I'll choose the Candy Peachy shade which looks like a natural tone.

    1. Yup, they're not very pigmented. I haven't tried Sister Pink though. Maybe next time I'll get that one. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)