How To: Brighten Images

by - 3/25/2015

One of the reasons I am enjoying blogging again is because of taking photos of products (although that sometimes prove to be one pet peeve I have of blogging too). I only use my phone in taking pictures and that doesn't always give me the photos I wanted, so I always edit them to make them look better. I just think of it as makeup for images - just for enhancing purposes, never to alter them completely.

What I use is Photoshop and I thought I might share with you my process in editing my images. I know Photoshop can be a little intimidating with all its tools/buttons/icons. Even I myself can't say that I've mastered every tool Photoshop has to offer, and I have this program for years!

But learning a few tools would already prove useful. So today I'm sharing with you my process for brightening my dark and dull images. I suggest clicking on the pictures below to view them in their original size. I didn't resize them for this purpose.

Open Photoshop.
Open your image thru File - Open.

Right click on Background and click on Duplicate layer.

Click on the Blending Change Normal and in the drop down menu choose Screen. The photo would instantly become brighter. Click on Opacity to adjust the brightness. I chose 60% here.

The photo is brighter but it looks a bit hazy. What I do next is add contrast to make the colors and shadows pop out more so that they look more three-dimensional.

Click Image - Adjustments - Brightness/Contrast.

Adjust the Brightness and Contrast accordingly. I chose 10 for Brightness and 30 for Contrast. Click OK. You can go back and add more if you think you need more, so don't go all out at once.

And here you now have a bright image you can already use on your blog. You can go ahead and save that, but what I actually like to do is take it a bit further with:

  • straightening and cropping
  • image resizing
  • sharpening and/or reducing noise
  • adding text (sometimes)
I will share those with you in my next posts, if anyone's interested. :)

I hope you enjoyed my post and found it useful. :) Have a nice day.

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