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Dec 3, 2014

Zalora Package: An Early Christmas Gift From A Friend

Yey! First package I received from Zalora. :) I'm quite ecstatic because I have been wanting to purchase from the store for probably a year but was quite intimidated with how professional the online store looks. Don't get me wrong, I'm used to shopping online, with eBay as my online shopping portal of choice since around 10 years ago.

Zalora looks really good though. And the choices are all so beautiful. One thing I like about Zalora is that they sell branded and new fashion and beauty items which I can't say for eBay, since eBay is an auctioning site, so it basically has some pre-loved items selling among the mix.

Anyway, this package wasn't bought by me, it was a gift from my best friend. :) Pretty surprised to learn she ordered something for me from Zalora. :)

Anyway, that is not to say that I haven't been contemplating on purchasing from the site myself. I have been on it several times these days looking for a dress I could wear for a certain event I am attending.

This is one of those dresses. This is actually the one I wanted to get. Too bad there is only one stock left and it's in XL. :( It's sad because I've fallen in love with it and it was 50% off, so it would totally fit my budget too. I kept coming back to the store to check if they restocked but sadly they didn't and then they didn't list it anymore which means somebody owns it now. T_T

This is another pattern of the dress which is still available in my size. I'm still contemplating if I should get it but I always imagine how it would be a total fail since stripes might accentuate my not-so-perfect body, and stripes actually looks too casual for an event.

Check out that price! It used to be 50% off too. Now I'm thinking that because I've been checking it out a lot, they have raised the price because they must think this is going to be a hot seller.

Check out that back! Pretty...

Anyway, let's go back to that package. :D I loved the nice box and the personalized sticker on top.

Upon opening the box, there's a flyer about the Brand Ambassador Program and some coupons I can write my code on and distribute to friends. :) That is, if I signed up for the program.

This is what the package contains. :) Two China Glaze glitter polishes, with a Belle of the Ball theme and a Christmas ball the color of the polishes. The packaging looks a tad messy because the glitter from the ball spread everywhere. :/

I didn't try to clean it up. After a couple of photos, I took the ball out and hang it on our tree. :)

That looks really nice. We have the same decors year after year so having something new, even just one actually gave me a small thrill. I know, you might think I should just go and buy some new stuff, but I actually like the old ones we have too. Makes me feel like we have a tradition or something.

Anyway for the gold and silver flecked nail polishes, I'll be testing it out either this week or next week. Maybe next week after the aforementioned event. I have wanted to wear gold polish last Christmas, lol. Now I have it, so it's gonna happen. :)


  1. wow, made an effort to give a gift to you...never ordered from zalora but i keep on "window shopping" from their site

    1. Yes, she never forgets to give gifts on special occasions, and sometimes even when there's no occasion :D She's a great friend.

      I'm like you, I have only window shopped from their site before. But since receiving this package I finally got the guts to make a purchase. :)