About Me

My blog Keep Calm & Beautify is about my journey with discovering makeup and fashion. I have always been a girly-girl at heart. But different factors came into play and made me hesitate from trying out the things that interested me makeup and fashion-wise.

Among those factors are:

  • budget (self-explanatory)
  • living in the mountainside with no public transportation and our private transportation comes and goes (either from maintenance issues or my dad sells them to finance a business, etc). Not really a cool idea even among the most fashion conscious to wear heels while hiking. Yes, I grew up hiking twice a day since 2nd grade.
  • college haggardness. Well if you lack sleep (like you get 3 hours of sleep on most nights) then putting on lipstick is not a priority. Bathing isn't even a priority!
  • group of friends aren't into beauty and fashion. Because birds of the same feather flock together, and I used to not be into beauty and fashion.
  • boring daily routine. If the usual places I go to are the market and supermarket, then there's really no need for eye shadow.

Now, seeing as my life didn't turn a complete 180, I have found natural makeup and Korean makeup looks to be perfect for when I want/need to wear makeup.

I haven't tried MAC but based on swatches found online I believe my skintone is around 25-30 NC.

Fashion-wise, I like a variety of styles. Combination of feminine, boho (because nature is a big part of my life), edgy (architecture influence I think), and basics.

I haven't really made a ton of fashion posts. There really weren't much of an opportunity and I guess I'm just not the type who can pose for a pic in the middle of a crowd (or even less than a crowd). I will just have to find my way around it.

So that's all I could share about myself and my blog for now. I do love how my blog has developed and how my product selection has changed over the years.

Let's learn together as we go along this beauty and fashion discovery journey.