Cash Cash Pinoy Online Shopping Experience

by - 12/14/2015

Well it has been years since I knew about Cash Cash Pinoy but it is only now that I've decided to give them a chance. I was hesitant at first because of the voucher type of transaction which I have to print and use it to claim my service or merchandise. Troublesome ne? Especially since we don't own a printer, so I'd have to go out and have my voucher printed, which kinda beats the purpose of online shopping in my opinion.

What made me decide on making a transaction with them is the fact that I desperately needed (more like wanted) a facial mechanical brush. I found a good deal on Happy Beauty but I was unsure about the quality of the brush since it was unknown to me, and the payment options were limited for me.

So I searched on other sites for facial brushed that wouldn't burn a nasty hole in my pocket. Still. I was heads over in love with Foreo, but dang! That costs 7k Php while on sale, plus it's only available abroad.

I searched and researched for other options too. The most prominent ones were Clarisonic, Olay and Mary Kay.

That wasn't even why I was on Cash Cash Pinoy. I was on the site because I was browsing through vacation getaway deals (you should really check them out, they have great deals!) but when I didn't find something I was looking for (not beach, not northern Luzon nor abroad), I went on to the beauty and skincare products page. Ahihihi.

When there, I remembered about my product search and lo and behold, I found a Mary Kay brush with 40% off. From P2500 to P1400. What a deal! Lazada has the same product with "they say" 30% discount which is now priced P2500. I'm kinda losing faith with Lazada actually. Many of the items I find on their site are actually way cheaper on Ebay. When my bf is looking at items at Lazada, I would say to him to check out other sites first to compare prices before deciding on buying anything.

Anyway, am I just proving to you how much I love online shopping? Hahahahaha! Very.

So anyway, I pushed through with my Mary Kay brush purchase and although I had to go have my voucher printed, I am ecstatic with the deal I got to even be pissed at the inconvenience. :D

Well, it took them more than 7 business days to deliver the item. I emailed customer service on the night of the 7th day, and I only got an auto-reply: they'll get in touch with me within 24 hours, but they didn't. So basically, Cash Cash Pinoy isn't true to their word. :/

But I am still happy with the item and I still think it's a good deal. So I'm not closing my doors on Cash Cash Pinoy just yet.

Check them out if you're willing to wait for a package that's late, but saves you about 1k. :)

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