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Oct 22, 2015

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

10/22/2015 4 Comments

There will come a moment in every beauty enthusiast's life when she will allow herself to look like an alien --- all for the sake of beauty. That moment for me was a few months ago when I first started using Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I should have taken a picture of my family's expression when they saw me with this mask on walking around the house. Haha! I deserve an applause for this milestone fulfilled. All I needed were cucumber slices and I would have graced my niece's instagram account for being a sight to behold.

Anyway, green alien or not, I jumped at the chance to try out this masque when I saw this at Healthy Options. I've been hearing good reviews on Youtube about this, and this being targeted to oily skin gals, I think it's just the product for me.

I've tried other types of masks before - peel off and sheets, but I've got to say that I enjoy the wash-off type best. It's easy to apply because the consistency is like paste, and it dries up fast so I can go walk around and do chores even with this on.

Washing up is easy too. It doesn't take up too much time unlike with peel-offs which doesn't peel in one go so you have to spend time peeling each piece.

The scent when you first put this on is like toothpaste. But after a while it smells like swamp. It took me a while to figure out the scent. Mud... Clay... Until it hits me - a swamp. And the scent lasts too, even after you rinse off. That is the only thing I don't like about this mask.

It says on the label to leave this on for 5-10 minutes. I usually go beyond that. Other reviews online says they do so too. I don't apply this regularly though. Once every two weeks or once a month, because I forget. :) Sometimes when I feel like I have gunk on my face - clogged pores, whiteheads, oil - I put this on to suck out most of it then use a gentle scrub afterwards on the nose and cheeks to really get all the gunk out. That pretty much makes it smooth again. :)

And yeah, don't forget to moisturize afterwards because that combo can be so drying.

Overall, I am happy to have tried this mint julep mask from Queen Helene. It serves its purpose of removing excess oil and drawing out impurities.

Would I buy this again? Definitely.

That's all for my review. Thanks for taking the time to read it. :) Let me know in the comments if you have tried this mask before and your thoughts about it. :)

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Oct 18, 2015

What To Wear To A Casual Evening Party

10/18/2015 0 Comments

Going to an cocktail party and can't figure out what to wear? I also keep having that problem. Most parties I go to are usually set late in the afternoon and last till evening. The problem now is finding an attire that wouldn't look overdressed in the afternoon and under-dressed at night.

Pink Floral Chiffon Short Dress

Blue Chiffon Lace Short Dress

The dresses I go for and search for are dresses like these Pink Chiffon Short Dress with floral pattern and Blue Chiffon Short Dress with cityscape print. The colors and patterns makes it wearable during daylight, while the chiffon fabric makes it appropriate for evening.

Plus, they can be dressed up or down with different accessories, so you have the option to go more cutesy or elegant. You can also wear them with blazers and pumps to get the corporate chic look, or with cardigans and boots for a casual look. Dresses like these will get some mileage in my closet. :)

The dresses featured are from DRESS.PH. Check out their online store for more dresses like these. Orders are made thru PayPal so you're assured that it's safe and secure. They provide express shipping in a matter of 3-7 days. They also offer huge discounts - 85% off these two dresses, so it's worth checking out.

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Oct 17, 2015

Yoko Yogurt Spa Milk Soap

10/17/2015 4 Comments

This is one of the few bar soaps I made an effort to actually search for in different stores. I discovered this years and years ago when I was still living in Zamboanga and I just picked out the product because it looks curious and because I'm adventurous with products that way. There are a lot of people I know who stick to whatever they're used to using. Same soap, shampoo, face cleanser... Same ice cream, cake, pizza flavors. >.< But not this girl. :) I believe the only way to discover the best is by trying out different stuff - variants/flavors... For instance, I feel like my sister should really thank me for introducing her to Bear Brand's milk with ginseng or gingko biloba because I am 100% sure she would never ever ever pick those up on her own. And she loves it! *feeling under-appreciated*

As for this soap, the yogurt soap from Yoko smells heavenly right out of the box. It smells just like milk. It's a bit sad though that the scent doesn't last a long time but it's enough to make showering pleasurable.

The packaging is nice too, nicer than your average bath soap. It comes in a pink box and inside the bar of soap is wrapped in paper and sealed with gold sticker.

The soap feels creamy on the skin. It isn't too hard like most soaps, and it isn't similar in texture to papaya/carrot/kojic soaps. I could best compare it to Dove's soaps except that Dove's is a bit grainier/grittier than this.

The effect on my skin is amazing. I have extremely dry skin on my body and using this has reduced the dry marks/desert-like appearance. It feels softer and smoother too.


The combination of scent, texture, and effect makes the Yoko Yogurt Soap a winner in my book. It is also priced at P50 only so it is pretty affordable. The only downside I can think of is that I only found this in Zamboanga and nowhere in Manila when I was there. There were Yoko Yogurt Bath Salts being sold, but the bar soap isn't available.

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