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May 7, 2015

How To: Straighten and Crop Images

5/07/2015 2 Comments

In my previous post How To Brighten Images I shared with you the first step of my process in editing my images for blogging using Photoshop.

In this post I will share with you the next step which is straightening and cropping.

I would suggest to click on the images to view them in their original sizes.

After brightening the image, I usually try to straighten the image because most of the photos I took aren't straight. I think that's fairly common. Even if it looks straight on my phone's camera (which is what I use), it looks kind of lopsided on computer.

I use the marquee tool as a ruler to check if something is straight or not. Click the marquee icon on the toolbar - Click top left of the part of image to marquee -  Click bottom right to make a box. Do not hold and drag.

To remove the marquee: Ctrl+D (for Deselect)

Click Image - Image Rotation - Arbitrary.

A pop up window will appear. Choose between CW (clockwise) or CCW (counter clockwise). Add a number for the angle. I usually use 1 and just repeat the process if it isn't straight after hitting OK.

After clicking OK, this is how the image will look like. I will go ahead and crop the image to trim the white excess parts off.

Click the Crop icon. Select area to keep. Click the top left and click the bottom right to form a box. Do not hold and drag.

The parts excluded from your selection will be covered in black. It is transparent enough for you to see what is in those areas.

Hit Enter and you're done!

You can save this as it is, or you can continue editing it like I do. After this step, I usually do:

  • image resizing
  • sharpening and denoising
  • adding text
I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for reading!

May 2, 2015

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan

5/02/2015 4 Comments

When I learned last year that some select SM Department Stores are carrying Nyx, I hurriedly traipsed over because I heard a lot of good things about the brand - particularly the good quality for the affordable price.

I was looking for an MLBB lipstick in particular (the quest has long begun) and I have swatched several on my hand. There was one big contender (I forgot the name though) so I took courage to swatch it on my lips. Lo and behold, I hated how it looks.

I tried this one next - Milan - because the color has attracted me (this color always attract me) and it was instant love. It does seem to me however that I may be falling for the same type again and again.

SMLC11 - Milan

It is a cream type of lippie and it comes in an ordinary plastic packaging with a doe foot applicator.

Milan is this beautiful berry shade that isn't too bright or too dark. This color would definitely suit a lot of skin tones.

The texture of the product isn't like anything I've tried (yet). It feels dry-ish, grainy-ish. It's like the texture of egg whites when overly beaten. It's not a cream per se. It doesn't feel moist or creamy.

The fact that it is matte is also in juxtaposition with the term cream. Maybe it's just me and my preconceived notion that creams are supposed to be moisturizing.

Application though is easy despite the texture. The doe foot applicator helps make lining the lips easy and it takes just the right amount of product with it when I remove the cap from the tube.

It doesn't accentuate dry lips although it feels like it's sucking the moisture out of my lips.

The smell is divine. It's like candy. Good thing the texture is dry or else I'll be licking my lips all day.

Would I buy this again?
Yes. I would like to try the other colors too, but Milan I would definitely buy again.

Thanks for reading. :)