Travel Favorites: My Beauty Essentials

by - 3/21/2015

I have been traveling a lot this past year. Just this 2015 I have already traveled 4 times. Gahhh! And it's land travel by bus too. The longest was a 12-hour trip. The rest were 6 hours. :[ Oh, and I didn't count the trips back home.

So I just thought I'd share with you my favorite beauty products to bring when I travel. These are the basics that I need to look presentable when I arrive at my destination. I do however bring more than this (way more) like a couple lipsticks and an eye shadow palette.

So here are the 6 items I cannot live without when I travel:

Lip and Cheek Tint | Benefit Chacha Tint 

A lip and cheek tint is handy for adding color to my lips and cheeks. I like the coral color of the Chacha tint because it doesn't look too bright on the cheeks but bright enough to be obvious on my pigmented lips. I also prefer tints and stains when I travel so that the color won't easily rub off when I go on food trips, which happens often.

Lip balm | The FaceShop Sweet Kiss Balm 

Lip balms are a must! My lips are easily chapped by extreme weather like the arctic air conditioning in the bus and malls and the hot humid air outside when I am out and about. I have to prevent my lips from chapping by slapping on some lip balm every now and then. The pink color helps in making it look healthy too.

BB Cream | Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream

Frequent traveling is taking a toll on my skin. Not only is a BB cream good at evening out my skin tone, it also has skin care properties, plus it has SPF 30 which is very important to prevent the skin from getting more damaged.

Face Powder | The FaceShop Lovely Me:Ex Powder Pact 

I don't think I can live without powder. It helps keep the oil and sweat at bay so that I won't look too haggard when I feel haggard.

Eyebrow Pencil | BYS Brown Brow Liner

I can actually survive without doing my brows. It's just that having non-existent brows don't look good in pictures, and when I travel it's a given that I take a lot of pictures. I don't want to look back at these travel experiences thinking I look like an alien or something.
This eyebrow pencil from BYS is handy for travel because it comes with a brush at one end and both ends have caps so I can be sure they don't make a mess in my bag.

Oil Control Sheets | Unbranded from Daiso

For quick touch ups even when I'm literally on the road walking trying to find my way to somewhere I need to be.

That's my top 6 beauty essentials when I travel. I just realized I have a lot of pink stuff. :D
What are you essentials? Share them with me. :)

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