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Dec 25, 2014

My Christmas Nails: China Glaze Champagne Bubbles

12/25/2014 2 Comments

Merry Christmas everyone! It's 2:45 am here in the Philippines and I'm still awake after all the Christmas rush yesterday. :) So I wanted to make this short post about what I have on my nails. It's China Glaze's Champagne Bubbles. I only have one coat on and I like how it looks sheer in some angles. I'm sure it will be more vibrant with another coat but I like how the semi-sheerness of a one coat makes a gold lacquer more wearable. :)

That's all for my post today. For New Year I'm planning on wearing a silver nail lacquer, so stay tuned for that. :)

Dec 15, 2014

Etude House Blotting Paper Pact

12/15/2014 12 Comments

Hi! I'm back with a review this time and it's about the Etude House Blotting Paper Pact. You all know how much I suffer from oily skin, so blotting papers are essential to my makeup kit. So when I was at Etude House to buy another pack of blotting papers, I saw this "Blotting Paper Pact" and was both enthralled by the look of it and curious as to what a blotting paper pact could be.

Well, it was a big duh moment for me when I opened the box later on and discovered the answer to my question. It was blotting papers. In a compact. Complete with mirror and puff.

It was different and interesting though, so I was excited to give this a try.

Back / Left / Right
Let's start with the box. It is pink with white and black design and font. The back and left side has Korean description while the right side contains the English description.

"This portable Blotting Paper Pact absorbs excess oil and banishes shine without disturbing makeup, leaving skin refreshed and matte all day long."

The compact resembles the design of the box, except it doesn't have any writings/descriptions at the sides and back.

When opened, you will see a puff with the Etude House logo and a decent size mirror.

Taking out the puff, you will see how blotting paper and compact are merged together. The sheet sticks to the puff via an adhesive that is also stuck to the puff. You can then press that puff to your face, to blot the oiliness away. You can also seek the help of the mirror to find out if you've missed a spot or something.

After blotting, or if you've soiled the entire sheet and need another, you just need to peel off that used sheet and press the puff back (with the adhesive side down) on the container where the sheets are (and where the powder is usually contained in a typical compact). It will then adhere to another sheet and you can easily pick one out without having to tilt the compact to dislodge the sheets.

What I don't find easy though is placing the puff back into the container perfectly every time, because I can't just slip it in or something, it has to be put in perfectly squared right on top of the sheets or else the top sheet will stick to it haphazardly and it will wrinkle because it will still have to be kept and fit in that square box.

My other dislike about the product: it is too bulky for my taste. I usually bring a packet of blotting papers in my back pocket when I go out on an errand. Most of the time I don't bring a bag, and with that my comb, compact (powder), lip balm. But I still bring with me blotting papers, just to make sure I am somewhat presentable still. The easiest way for me to retouch is to just blot. :) So with this blotting paper pact, I can't do that anymore, except maybe if I take out a couple sheets and put those in my back pocket, but that's gross.

I am thinking though of placing them in the old Etude House blotting paper envelope so I could easily carry them. And for this lovely compact, I'm thinking if maybe I could peel out the adhesive from the puff and use this to carry loose powder or something.

Will I buy this again? I don't think so. I like the old one from Etude better - Etude House Oil Control Film (I have a pic of that in this post). Why? For it's portability, for it's effectivity (those blue sheets are more effective than these parchments in my opinion), and it's price (cheaper than this).

So how about you? Will you try something like a blotting paper pact?

*On the front of the pact, there's a bluish stain there. I smeared stamp pad ink there with my thumb and I couldn't wipe it off. Just saying that that's not how it looks when newly bought.

Dec 6, 2014

Blogging Tips: Blogs That Helped Me Regain My Passion For Blogging

12/06/2014 0 Comments

I have been "missing in action" from my blog for a very long time. It is something I regret terribly because I do enjoy blogging and chatting with fellow bloggers and blog hopping as well.

Being away so long, I don't know how to get back to it. Somehow it feels like my creative juices have all been sucked up. All my recent photos of products look horrible, and even content-wise, it feels like I don't know what to say. It's obvious I lack practice.

It is to my amazement now that there seems to be a world (web) wide trend on blogging tips and such. These were a joy to go through. I have spent most of my "let's get back to blogging" time just going through this kind of posts. They are a big help - to refocus my passion on blogging, to organize my thoughts, and to make my photos and photo sessions more pleasurable.

I'm not going to be writing such post. Heck, I am the one who needs help! :D But I am going to share with you guys the blogs with the Blogging Tips posts that I enjoyed so much. You might find these blogs useful if you enjoy this kind of posts too.

The Lovecats Inc | An entire series of blogging tips and tricks. Posts include organization, social media, templates, and more.
PINKPOT | Another entire series of tips and tricks on blogging, including DIY white wooden background, photo editing apps or programs, and other tools she commonly uses for blogging.
One Little Vice | This one is just a post (a guest post at that) which talked about overcoming blogger's block. Quite helpful tips.
six out of ten | The author is the same one from One Little Vice's guest post. This post from her own site is about writing negative reviews without being libelous. There are other posts as well where she talks about PR-blogger relationship from the views of a PR.

That's it for my list of helpful blogs and blog posts. There were others too but I can't seem to find the links (or just plain forgotten to make a note of the blog links). Would love to read of more, so if you know of any, please let me know in the comments. :)

PS. Would also love if you follow me on GFC / Bloglovin' / Google+. Have a nice day!

Dec 3, 2014

Zalora Package: An Early Christmas Gift From A Friend

12/03/2014 2 Comments
Yey! First package I received from Zalora. :) I'm quite ecstatic because I have been wanting to purchase from the store for probably a year but was quite intimidated with how professional the online store looks. Don't get me wrong, I'm used to shopping online, with eBay as my online shopping portal of choice since around 10 years ago.

Zalora looks really good though. And the choices are all so beautiful. One thing I like about Zalora is that they sell branded and new fashion and beauty items which I can't say for eBay, since eBay is an auctioning site, so it basically has some pre-loved items selling among the mix.

Anyway, this package wasn't bought by me, it was a gift from my best friend. :) Pretty surprised to learn she ordered something for me from Zalora. :)

Anyway, that is not to say that I haven't been contemplating on purchasing from the site myself. I have been on it several times these days looking for a dress I could wear for a certain event I am attending.

This is one of those dresses. This is actually the one I wanted to get. Too bad there is only one stock left and it's in XL. :( It's sad because I've fallen in love with it and it was 50% off, so it would totally fit my budget too. I kept coming back to the store to check if they restocked but sadly they didn't and then they didn't list it anymore which means somebody owns it now. T_T

This is another pattern of the dress which is still available in my size. I'm still contemplating if I should get it but I always imagine how it would be a total fail since stripes might accentuate my not-so-perfect body, and stripes actually looks too casual for an event.

Check out that price! It used to be 50% off too. Now I'm thinking that because I've been checking it out a lot, they have raised the price because they must think this is going to be a hot seller.

Check out that back! Pretty...

Anyway, let's go back to that package. :D I loved the nice box and the personalized sticker on top.

Upon opening the box, there's a flyer about the Brand Ambassador Program and some coupons I can write my code on and distribute to friends. :) That is, if I signed up for the program.

This is what the package contains. :) Two China Glaze glitter polishes, with a Belle of the Ball theme and a Christmas ball the color of the polishes. The packaging looks a tad messy because the glitter from the ball spread everywhere. :/

I didn't try to clean it up. After a couple of photos, I took the ball out and hang it on our tree. :)

That looks really nice. We have the same decors year after year so having something new, even just one actually gave me a small thrill. I know, you might think I should just go and buy some new stuff, but I actually like the old ones we have too. Makes me feel like we have a tradition or something.

Anyway for the gold and silver flecked nail polishes, I'll be testing it out either this week or next week. Maybe next week after the aforementioned event. I have wanted to wear gold polish last Christmas, lol. Now I have it, so it's gonna happen. :)