Jergens Original Scent for Dry Skin

by - 8/09/2014

How long has it been since I last posted? Anyway, I decided to make a short post just to get things rolling again. Hopefully I get to stick to a pattern and churn out posts on a regular basis.

Forgive me if I'm a little rusty with all this review writing thing.

Anyway, I got this lotion several months ago for my dry skin (I have dry skin for my body and oily for my face - which is weird). The scent is cherry which I have mentioned in previous posts as one of my faves, but I know several if not most people hate this strong scent.

This Jergens lotion is pretty thick and heavy. It really doesn't get absorbed much into the skin. I have tried it once while my skin was still damp and it felt like oil sitting on top of water. And it stuck onto my clothes when I put them on.

Pretty inexpensive at less than P50 for 100ml bottle {absolutely forgotten the real price by now}, but I won't be making this buy again. :D

That's all for my review. :D Nyahaha I told you it'll be short.

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  1. Hey Dawn! How long has it been! How are you? haha indeed it's a short post! But anyway, I never seen this brand in Malaysia. so I can't really compare.
    still, welcome back! :D
    Mira |