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Feb 8, 2014

Expressooh Nail Spa Cafe

Today I'm gonna share with you my review and experience of Expressooh, a nail spa & cafe in Zamboanga which I have visited with my friends over the holidays. It was a different hangout/reunion with my girlfriends than we're used to; we are all girls and somewhat girly so I wondered why we never thought of a spa date before. I have to say in my defense that I don't often get manicures and pedicures from salons and spas and usually do the painting of my nails myself.

This manicure I got from Expressooh isn't the same with most I have tried before. The others had the clinical feel and the place is usually so crowded. What I enjoyed with Expressooh is that the place is rather small thus cozy, and when your friends book a session/service, it's like you booked the entire place. :D There's a sense of privacy and comfort that I haven't found anywhere else (yet).

Along with the spa services, they also offer coffee that we can drink while waiting in the bar or while having our treatment. Plus there's also free wifi access so we can also browse on our gadgets while chatting with our friends and attendants (yes, our multi-tasking minds can handle that!).

The attendant who did my nails was gentle, she didn't draw blood. :) That was actually one of my main reasons why I don't usually have a professional do my nails, aside from also being a little paranoid that nothing would hold my nails once the cuticles are gone. *roll eyes moment* I did enjoy seeing my cuticles clean and pink once in a while.

She was chatting with me the entire time and massaged my right hand before proceeding with the treatment. I wondered if it was obvious that I was a little tense? lol. That short massage is what most stuck with me because I'm a sucker for massage and I wished she would have done my left hand too. :(

The staff is overly friendly that even the manager/owner (I'm assuming here) is taking our group photos and uploaded some of them to their facebook page. :D She was also the one who gave me the "spiel" of the different types of manicures they offered.

As for my manicure, I was sad to see that it chipped within the week which doesn't happen as much with my own application. BUT, that week (between Christmas and New Year) was heavily laden with chores and I was on kitchen duty every single day that I am betting that was a major factor to the chipping.

I just wished I could have taken the name of the polish because it is such a pretty color.


The interiors are decked in browns, creams, and orange colors, aiming for a minimalist effect. I would have to say though that the accent walls in the treatment area are clashing with each other so the space doesn't look as put together as the bar area. I might like a little bit more light too. :D


All photos without my watermark are owned by Expressooh. :)


  1. Sounds like a cool place~!

  2. I enjoyed it too. How I wish we went back huh?

    i'm also a sucker for massages hehehe!

    1. Yeah me too. Maybe next time we could get a massage? :D

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