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Feb 8, 2014

Expressooh Nail Spa Cafe

2/08/2014 8 Comments
Today I'm gonna share with you my review and experience of Expressooh, a nail spa & cafe in Zamboanga which I have visited with my friends over the holidays. It was a different hangout/reunion with my girlfriends than we're used to; we are all girls and somewhat girly so I wondered why we never thought of a spa date before. I have to say in my defense that I don't often get manicures and pedicures from salons and spas and usually do the painting of my nails myself.

This manicure I got from Expressooh isn't the same with most I have tried before. The others had the clinical feel and the place is usually so crowded. What I enjoyed with Expressooh is that the place is rather small thus cozy, and when your friends book a session/service, it's like you booked the entire place. :D There's a sense of privacy and comfort that I haven't found anywhere else (yet).

Feb 5, 2014

Nichido Liquid Eyeliner

2/05/2014 10 Comments

Hi everyone. It's been quite sometime since I made a blog post. I'm back today with a review of the Nichido Liquid Eyeliner. I bought this last month before going on vacation because I figured I would have enough time to practice using it since this is my first liquid eyeliner and I heard the difficulty level of this cosmetic item is pretty darn high for newbies.

I chose Nichido because the price is low since most products from Nichido are on the bargain side. This small tube of liquid eyeliner is only priced at P68.00. It didn't however came in any plastic seal (as far as I could remember) or any paper packaging, and the back and bottom parts of the tube has no more additional information. This is just it when you purchase it. Somehow I need more information.

Sorry for the blurred photo, I couldn't get the camera to focus correctly. This is the wand/brush/applicator (I'm not sure of the correct term). It is pretty thin that allows for thin lines and thicker lines depending on application.


The color I purchased is black, but as you can see it isn't very dark especially if the application is light or thin. The ink also smudges easily after application especially the parts heavily applied. It takes a couple of minutes for it to dry.

This isn't also waterproof since I tried washing my hand afterwards and it easily came off. I do however still have problems cleaning it from my eyes since it smudges like crazy during cleanup time (It doesn't smudge during the day though). I even use a mascara remover and it still took quite a while for me to get everything off. But I guess that's just how liquid eyeliners are. :)

Application was easy. Just a slight wobble and it's barely noticeable too. These are pics I took from my second attempt at using it and although I have doubts of making the perfect flick or cat eye, I am still pretty happy that I don't look as crazy as I have expected.

I have also experienced lining the white of my eye, lol, and I was surprised that it didn't hurt at all. The brush wasn't abrasive and the ink didn't irritate me. I just blinked rapidly and it washed away to the corner of my eye where I just wiped it away. A friend of mine gave me a Nichido all-over stick last year and she has proudly said that the company uses only safe ingredients with their products. Maybe that's why it didn't hurt at all. I have no way of confirming this since the product have no information with it, and I can't seem to find any information online (or maybe I just didn't look hard enough).


Anyway, I have to say I am pretty impressed with this liquid eyeliner. I don't know about other liners out there, but for a newbie who happen to be also a klutz, I am pretty lucky to have chosen this particular brand for my first liquid eyeliner.

So will I repurchase again? Of course. Until I get the hang of this I'll stick to something I know won't irritate me.

And before I go, I just wanna share a look I created with the Nichido Liquid Eyeliner.

Thanks for reading! :)