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Dec 20, 2013

IN2IT Eye Color Palette in Sorbet Deluxe

12/20/2013 21 Comments

Finally! Gotten around to buying an eyeshadow palette. Actually this is still last month's purchase, just haven't found time to make a review yet. What I have bought is the IN2IT eye color palette in Sorbet Deluxe. There are 3 palettes of this line, and I almost bought the all neutral one since it contains a beautiful copper, but I decided I might want a little color to play with.

I haven't gotten around to playing with it so much though. Aside from sweeping just one color all over the lids, anything more artistic seems like a daunting challenge that requires more time and effort, both in low supply right now. I'm not even sure if my eye shape would allow any of those beautiful eyeshadow applications I see around. But I might have some time soon, after the festivities are over. ;)

So let's start with the review.

This eyeshadow palette from IN2IT is very small, it fits in the palm of my hand. It looks decent enough with its white and clear plastic packaging and the silver print and decorations on the front.

The back has a metallic paper with the palette name, decription, directions and ingredients printed on it. It also has the weight, manufacturing date and expiry at the bottom.

Inside there is a mirror which is enough to see just one eye at a time up close. :D

The shadows are placed in a semi-herringbone pattern with four shades of equal length and only a small one allocated in the middle. Three of the colors are neutrals and the remaining two are in the pink/red range.

Here are the colors:

  1. Satin tan with silver glitters
  2. Shimmery, glittery light pink
  3. Satin buff/champagne with silver glitters
  4. Satin plum with glitters
  5. Matte dark brown with pink glitters
I find the texture to be okay, although I would have wanted more matte and the only matte in this palette even has some glitters on it. Weird, I know. It is also the most chalky of them all, which means I wouldn't be able to enjoy using it as much.

What I love from the palette are the tan and plum colors as they have the best consistency. I just hate the glitters though, and this goes to all the colors, because there's so much fall out and it's not something I could easily wipe away.

Price and Availability

I bought this at P322.75 at SM department store. The price is discounted at 10% off, and I've forgotten the actual price, but it's not more than P400.


I do like it because it's so small I'd be sure to have a place for it in my makeup bag especially since I'll be travelling. The colors are also wearable even with just a color swept on the lids. I just wish the glitters doesn't rain down on my cheeks and that the dark brown isn't chalky. So, with those issues, I don't think I will be buying this again.

So, that's it for my review. Thanks for reading!

Dec 18, 2013

Caronia Sweet Surprise

12/18/2013 5 Comments
One of the Caronia polishes I have bought a couple of months ago. It's the one labeled Sweet Surprise, an opaque yellow with "frosted" finish. I'd have to say though that I can hardly detect the frost, it's just a plain nail polish to me. I do like how bright it looks and it's not even a neon color.

I have chosen this color so close to Christmas because of the hectic schedule I'm facing nowadays. I'll be going home/vacation in a few days time and heaven knows when I'll be able to go online again. There's just so much to do! The yellow perks me up so much. To the point that I'm almost an energizer rabbit (keeps going and going and going...) but I'm sure this energy won't last a week. :D Good timing too, since I would be changing nail polishes then and mom would be around to do most of the chores. :D

I have thought of using gold glittery nail polish for this week, so it would feel more festive. But I got scared it might scare my mother when I arrive home. Lol! But I'm pretty sure even this yellow would also make her comment "Oh girl, you just went to Manila and look how liberated you've become..." Hahaha. It's just nail polish mother.

As for the nail polish's application and wear, it's not really up to par with the other Caronias I've tried. It's streaky on the first 2 coats, so I had to put on a 3rd coat to make the color even. And I have noticed just less than a week of using this that the polish has started to crack and chip. Hmmm. Maybe because I applied a thick coat. The other colors lasted weeks and barely even chip. Oh well.

Hey Christmas is in a week! Eeee! I'm so excited! Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 3, 2013

November Online Purchases

12/03/2013 22 Comments

I have a couple of items purchased last month through online shops but I still haven't gotten around to making the reviews yet, so I think I'll just go ahead and make this post prior to the reviews and maybe make the spot light on the online shops instead of the products, you know, just to mix things up a bit.

Shop 1

I was looking for a certain product (Mizon Snail Gel) and contacted HipStyle Online Shop after searching the web and found they have low price for it. But it turns out the item I was looking for was for pre-order so I just ordered something else. And as you would know, I am always on the lookout for oil-controlling skin care products so I decided to give this Anti-Sebum Cleanser from Innisfree a try.

My purchase came with a Tony Moly Aura CC Cream sample and a melon flavored candy, and also a short note from the seller. :) The package arrived within 3 days from payment. She had specifically mentioned on her store that there's "No Rush Shipping", but it actually didn't take long at all.

She accepts Paypal as payment method, which is my most preferred method for online purchases because of its ease of use and security.

Here's more info about the seller:

HipStyle Online Shop
Authentic Korean Skincare & Make-up brands
Authentic Japanese Skincare & Make-up brands
Authentic French Pharmacie Skincare & Make-up brands
Authentic European & American Skincare & Make-up brands
Clothes (Forever 21)
Payment Methods:
Smart Money
Cebuana Lhuillier
Western Union

Shop 2

I've found another shop who sells the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel. Luckily they have them in stock. I think their stocks were newly arrived because they haven't uploaded them yet on Facebook and we were asked to view them on Google Docs. I didn't hesitate purchasing one before all the stocks were taken or reserved. :)

My purchase came with an Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream sample and an Etude House Sunprise Water Essence sample. :) I just love purchasing Korean products, there's always freebies. :D They're basically spoiling me.

The package arrived 2 days after payment was sent (the item was shipped the following day after payment and it arrived the day after that). Pretty fast shipping as well.

Seller info:

Got It
Korean Makeup and Skin Care products
Payment Methods:
Western Union
Cebuanna Lhuillier

Both online shops are based in the Philippines and ship nationally. I recommend both shops if you are from the Philippines and looking for a specific Asian product and don't know where to get it. And even if you have stores nearby, it wouldn't hurt to check out their stocks as sometimes (or most of the time) their products are cheaper than mall prices.

The products purchased are yet to be reviewed (gonna have to find time to do that this crazy December) and all samples haven't been sampled yet, except for the candy which I immediately consumed. Haha.

Oh, and before you go, I just wanna plug my facebook page. :D The badge is in the sidebar. I have just created it last week and it's still pretty bare. I would love if you would check it out. Thanks.

And thanks for reading! Have a nice and fun December!