November Favorites 2013

by - 11/30/2013

Yey! My first ever favorites post. It actually wasn't as easy as I thought. Or rather, it is easy, I just made it difficult. See, I only got four items. And I just wouldn't believe that I love so few. I had to go around the corners of my mind asking myself questions, like "what have I been using?" "didn't I like the products even when I was using them?"... It was all a hassle, and in the end I just went with the things that instantly came to me when I decided to make a favorites post. :D

So here are those four things:

This mint motorcycle jacket from True Love. I bought this at the teens section of SM department store. 😁 Yeah, small women like me can find a lot of treasure in the teens section. This jacket was bought at around P650-P700.

The jacket may look like a leather (motorcycle) jacket, but it's actually made of cotton, so it's perfect for the temperatures here in the country. 😁 I have been using this a lot since the weather in the Philippines got a little colder.

This lipstick from Etude House. Read my review on this Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips for more information about this lippie.

This flower bracelet set which is so popular nowadays. 😁 I got one in peach because I think the color pops when used in conjunction with mint green. Got it at Girl Shoppe for P120.

This concealer from Essence. I have been using it this month and I love how it's so easy to use. Haven't actually made a review yet, so I'm not going to divulge any more. Stay tuned for the review. It will be up soon. :D

So that's it for my favorites this month of November. December is fast approaching guys! Merry Christmas in advance! *excited/stressing now*

Anyway, what do you think about the mint-peach combo?

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  1. Love the new blog lay out. Essence is a brand that is quite hard to get hold of in the UK, I have heard really good things about their products though :)

    1. Thanks Karen. :) Essence also just opened here. I have also read a lot of good things about the brand online, that's why I didn't hesitate in trying it out. :)

  2. I love the jacket and the concealer. :D


  3. Looooooooooove that mint jacket!! ♥_♥
    Btw, you are one of the winners of my Giveaway #4~
    Do check your email for more info~ :D


    1. Yeyyyy! Thanks Ashley! Already replied to your email. :)

  4. I like your jacket, looks so cool on you and the bracelet is so nice!

  5. I want to have a top or shorts with the same color as your jacket. I really like its shade.