NOTW: Caronia Nail Polish in Rosy Glow

by - 10/29/2013

I haven't done any nail posts these past few months. That doesn't mean I haven't been doing my nails, I just forget to take photos of them, and by the time I do remember, they don't look very presentable anymore.

Anyway, I've been loving Caronia nail polishes. I have 3 colors: Rosy Glow, First Crush, and Sweet Surprise. They're pastel colors. I know, not very autumn-y. :D But I still can't get enough of pastels.

What I'm wearing today (and this week) is Caronia Rosy Glow. It's a light pink that leans a little to the purple side. The finish is regular; shiny/polished with no glitter or shimmer. The texture is smooth and application is easy. I'm actually only using one coat on my nails, and it covers them evenly.

A bottle retails at P34.75 bought at Watsons. I think this one can be bought almost anywhere in the Philippines. Caronia is pretty popular and I've seen them all the time at nail polish counters. :)

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  1. Oh, I have one friend who can't get enough of pastel colours, too! No matter what is in, she always have blue and ivory hues. But I gotta say, it's making me want to go pastel too! LOL
    Anyway, nice nails you got there! I only know how to paint my left fingers. haha :D
    Keep posting some more!
    xx, Mira

    1. Lol. It's the other way around for me. I'm left handed so only my right fingers look decent. The job on the left ones are a little sloppy. :D
      Blue and ivory sounds great too!

  2. sis i love this color! im going to look for this! haha thanks for sharing :D im a bit picky when it comes to nail polish color ^^

    1. :D They're a little more purple in person than on the picture though. :D

  3. cute polish colorc:
    followed you:)