Fashion Post: Rusty Lopez Clogs

by - 9/17/2013

I would call this clogs, they look like clogs to me. :P I think I got this around a month ago, just never took the time to post about it, especially last week when I was meaning to, because of what was happening back home in Zamboanga. :(

Enough of the sadness, let's talk more about this shoe.

The brand is Rusty Lopez, which is among my faves because they have size 5 shoes and they fit perfectly on me, unlike other shoes brands' size 5s which are still too loose. Too bad Rusty Lopez shoes are a little on the expensive side or else I would have bought a lot. But then again, I can always look around for cheaper ones and wait for sales. ;) This particular orange one was priced at P799 but bought at only P720 after a 10% discount. :D

Another thing I like about Rusty Lopez is that they have pretty good quality shoes. And most of the leathers they use are genuine. But the ones that do are usually on the thousand price mark. :/

Here's how it looks when worn. This one is actually size 6 because they have no stock in size 5. Oh well, I'm used to wearing size 6 too (the curse of having small feet). But look at the pic, it doesn't look too big, right? What more if it was a size 5? See what I mean about them having size 5 shoes that fits me perfectly?

So yeah, just wanna share with you all this beauty. I'm in love with shoes, bags and jackets. So expect more of those for my future fashion posts. :)

I hope you all have a nice day.

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  1. I guess grass is really greener on the other side of the fence. My feet are long and I've always wished they were smaller. =P

    I pray that your family back home in Zamboanga is safe.

    1. Lol. I guess we always want what we don't have. :D

      Thanks for the prayers feisty.

  2. i used to buy school shoes from rusty lopez ^^ aw nakakamiss naman. btw the first pic is nice and sis pls be safe will pray for peace in zambaonga <3

    1. Rusty Lopez indeed has nice school shoes. :)

      Thanks for your prayers Shayne. :)