Etude House Mascara Remover

by - 9/24/2013

I know I have said that I could take off my waterproof mascara with just soap and water, but I am totally taking that back. I believe that was because I put on a very thin layer of mascara, and also because the wand is still new and unused so there wasn't a build up of product on it that allows it to render a thin and natural layer. But as it happens, I have started putting on more coats (just 2, still keeping it looking natural) and because the wand has accumulated a good amount of build up (just cleaned it the other day).

Having put on more mascara coats, I find that water and soap isn't doing a good job anymore. So off I went (online and in stores) to search for an affordable mascara /  makeup remover.

I chanced upon this on a blog, I was totally checking out some Etude House lipsticks and nail polishes because they're so cute! Since it's among the cheapest of Etude House's products I went ahead and bought it.

A bottle costs P198. That's a good deal, right? This is my first ever Etude House product. I do find this mascara remover to work quite well with removing mascaras. However, it doesn't take all of my eyeliner off whenever I wear them. The ones on the lids are removed, but the ones right on the lash line don't come off as easily. And all I'm using is a pencil eyeliner. I haven't tried this out with a liquid eyeliner or a gel eyeliner because I don't own one.

As you can see the product contains liquid of two consistencies. The bottom is oil-based and the upper I'm assuming is water-based. I would know that's oil at the bottom because oil sinks under water and because it's so greasy when you apply this on your face. You have to make sure to shake it well so that the oil and the water would mix before you pour a bit into your cotton pad. It has a good-sized opening so it's easy to dispense product without taking too much time.

It has this tag shaped into an eye or droplet taped onto the bottle that seems useless to me because I couldn't read whatever is written on it and because it gets in the way when holding the bottle. You can always take it off though.


  1. Pour some of the mascara remover into a cotton pad.
  2. Press it into the eye for a few seconds.
  3. Check out if it worked. I know you always check. ;)
  4. Dab on eye again to get rid of more mascara and check if there's still more coming off. I also dab from below the lashes mimicking the action of a mascara wand with my cotton pad.
  5. All done! Well, just the one eye anyway. The left eye still has untouched mascara and the right has been cleaned.
  6. Sorry I have no swatches with eyeliner on.


I would totally buy this again. It's working quite well for me. It also removes the eyebrow pencil I have on, and the BB cream and concealer under my eyes.

My question to you guys is: Is it okay to use this all over the face like a makeup remover? I am still thinking if I should get a separate one, or if this would work out.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. This one looks great as i know mascara is sooo hard to remove.
    You are getting addicted!!!

  2. thanks for the review sis :) it looks good and doesnt leave you having racoon eyes haha ^^ i use make up wipes for my faces and separate maybelline eye &lips make up remover. im not sure if it work for the face but i wouldnt want to use it bec the maybelline eye & lips remover is a bit oily ^^

    1. This is also a bit oily. That's why I'm a bit hesitant to use it all over the face. Don't you find makeup wipes to be a bit expensive? Thanks for answering my question Shayne! :)