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Sep 25, 2013

This & That Tag

9/25/2013 5 Comments

I have been tagged by Karen to do this "This And That Tag" It's just a post about your preferences, and it doesn't hurt to share and compare with others' answers. You can check out Karen's post here. See if you have any similarities with her. I have some. :)

I know, the picture is totally unrelated. But I don't have enough makeup yet to make a nice photo without it looking like an entire collection shoot. :D 

So here's the tag. Enjoy reading and answering! I know you think of your own answers. As for tagging, I think I'll pass. But I would like anyone who wants to do this tag to leave a link below in the comments so I / we can check it out. :)


1.  Blush or Bronzer. Blush. I don't like to put bronzers because my face is somewhat bony, I just don't want to add more sharpness to it.
2. Lip gloss or lip stick. Lipstick. I don't like the feel of lipgloss on my lips.
3. Eyeliner or mascara. Mascara. I haven't been wearing eyeliners lately.
4. Foundation or concealer. Foundation. But actually, it's BB Cream. I don't have foundation and concealer I've got to perfect yet.
5. Natural or colored eyeshadow. Natural. Or nude lids ;) I don't use eyeshadows.
6. Pressed or loose eyeshadow. Pressed. I haven't tried loose though.
7. Brush or sponge. Brush.


1. Opi or China Glaze. Opi. I have only tried Opi once, China Glaze none at all.
2. Long or short. Short. Or as short as the nail bed allows it. Not so short compared to other's standards. People with short nails think I keep my nails long, while people with long nails think I keep my nails short.
3. Acrylic or natural. Natural.
4. Bright or dark. Bright. I love pastels on my nails.
5. Flower or no flower. Flower. I'm biding my time before I could make perfect flower nail art.


1. Perfume or body splash. Perfume. I only have one though.
2. Lotion or body butter. Body butter. I've yet to try that out though. But I love the idea of body butters.
3. Body wash or soap. Body wash.
4. Lush or Other. Other. Lush is pretty expensive.


1. Jeans or sweat pants. Jeans. Sweat pants are too hot for tropical Philippines.
2. Long sleeves or short sleeves. Long sleeves. But most of my shirts have short sleeves. I like how long sleeves look though.
3. Dress or skirt. Dresses. For a totally different look for those special occasions when you wanna look different.
4. Scarves or hat. Scarves. I know, for someone who lives in a tropical country I'm choosing scarves over hats. But no one's wearing hats around here. At least you can wear scarves in extremely cold places, like theaters.
5. Studs or dangling earrings. Dangling. But I wear studs more often.
6. Necklace or bracelet. Bracelet. Necklace looks weird on me.
7. Heels or flats. Heels. I'm 5'0". And I just love how they change how I stand and walk. Total confidence boost!
8. Cowboy boots or riding boots. Riding boots. I don't own any, but I like how they look.
9. Jackets or hoodies. Jackets. I love how jackets can transform a look, even when you're looking quite rugged underneath.
10. Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. Forever 21. I haven't bought anything there yet, but I haven't seen any Charlotte Russe around.


1. Curly or straight. Straight. I like curls though. I tried getting my hair curled once, the smell was so strong I got a fever that very night.
2. Bun or ponytail. Ponytail. I think I lived my entire high school years in ponytails.
3. Bobby pin or butterfly clips. Butterfly clips. As long as they're not the 90's butterfly clips that had fluttery wings.
4. Hairspray or gel. Gel. That's what I own. I don't use it though.
5. Long or short. Long. I miss my long hair. I don't want it too long though. I have been looking forward to having shoulder length hair from my pixie cut half a year ago, but then we had a miscommunication with the salon personnel and tadaa! my hair is back to pixie. Argh.
6. Dark or light. Dark. I wanna go auburn. :) Someday.
7. Side swept bangs or full bangs. Side swept. Pixie with full bangs? That's gonna be weird.
8. Up or down. Down.


1. Rain or shine. Rain. I love rainy days. Shine is just too hot.
2. Summer or winter. Winter. We don't have winter here, but the cold air around November and December reminds me of Christmas.
3. Fall or spring. Fall. If I have to categorize myself according to the four seasons, I would be autumn. 
4. Chocolate or vanilla. Vanilla. Not a big fan of chocolate. Sorry.

Don't forget to leave your links down below if you do this tag. See you!

Sep 24, 2013

Etude House Mascara Remover

9/24/2013 4 Comments

I know I have said that I could take off my waterproof mascara with just soap and water, but I am totally taking that back. I believe that was because I put on a very thin layer of mascara, and also because the wand is still new and unused so there wasn't a build up of product on it that allows it to render a thin and natural layer. But as it happens, I have started putting on more coats (just 2, still keeping it looking natural) and because the wand has accumulated a good amount of build up (just cleaned it the other day).

Having put on more mascara coats, I find that water and soap isn't doing a good job anymore. So off I went (online and in stores) to search for an affordable mascara /  makeup remover.

I chanced upon this on a blog, I was totally checking out some Etude House lipsticks and nail polishes because they're so cute! Since it's among the cheapest of Etude House's products I went ahead and bought it.

A bottle costs P198. That's a good deal, right? This is my first ever Etude House product. I do find this mascara remover to work quite well with removing mascaras. However, it doesn't take all of my eyeliner off whenever I wear them. The ones on the lids are removed, but the ones right on the lash line don't come off as easily. And all I'm using is a pencil eyeliner. I haven't tried this out with a liquid eyeliner or a gel eyeliner because I don't own one.

As you can see the product contains liquid of two consistencies. The bottom is oil-based and the upper I'm assuming is water-based. I would know that's oil at the bottom because oil sinks under water and because it's so greasy when you apply this on your face. You have to make sure to shake it well so that the oil and the water would mix before you pour a bit into your cotton pad. It has a good-sized opening so it's easy to dispense product without taking too much time.

It has this tag shaped into an eye or droplet taped onto the bottle that seems useless to me because I couldn't read whatever is written on it and because it gets in the way when holding the bottle. You can always take it off though.


  1. Pour some of the mascara remover into a cotton pad.
  2. Press it into the eye for a few seconds.
  3. Check out if it worked. I know you always check. ;)
  4. Dab on eye again to get rid of more mascara and check if there's still more coming off. I also dab from below the lashes mimicking the action of a mascara wand with my cotton pad.
  5. All done! Well, just the one eye anyway. The left eye still has untouched mascara and the right has been cleaned.
  6. Sorry I have no swatches with eyeliner on.


I would totally buy this again. It's working quite well for me. It also removes the eyebrow pencil I have on, and the BB cream and concealer under my eyes.

My question to you guys is: Is it okay to use this all over the face like a makeup remover? I am still thinking if I should get a separate one, or if this would work out.

Thanks for reading! :)

Sep 20, 2013

Benefit Go Tropicoral Kit

9/20/2013 6 Comments

I have always wanted the Benefit Coralista blush because I have seen it so many times reviewed and favorited on other beauty blogs and in Youtube. And I think it is such a beautiful shade, as you can see I am going gaga over orange right now.

Instead of getting me the blush which costs P1600, I decided to get the kit instead. It contains 4 mini products at P1500 (bought at Trinoma) and I thought it gives more bang for the buck. If you are to spend that much amount on makeup, you might as well get as many as you can. 😀 This way I get to try out the other products too.

Everything about this purchase is so adorable! I'll walk you through it, as if you're watching me unboxing it. :D

  1. The Benefit bag my purchase came in. The print is so adorable!
  2. The box from the front. Looks similar with the packaging of the kit.
  3. The back of the box. It shows what the kit's contents are.
  4. Flap detail. Isn't that leopard print absolutely gorgeous? And look at that sheen!
  5. The Tropicoral Kit. Same look as the box's, and the print at the sides.
  6. The kit when opened. The top opens up to reveal the contents snugly placed inside.
  7. Inner box details. That monochromatic orange leopard print on the inside. Attention to details such as this is what makes you realize that what you have on your hands is indeed expensive.
  8. Mirror. When the Tips and Tricks flaps are opened, the mirror is revealed. 

CHACHA TINT: mango tinted lip and cheek stain
HIGH BEAM: luminescent complexion enhancer

Swatches and Review:

Left to right: chacha tint, high beam, coralista blush, coralista lipgloss

The Cha Cha Tint looks very natural both on the lips and cheeks. I love the nice glow it gives to the face. They say it's mango colored. Umm, our mangoes here in the Philippines don't look that orange. They're more yellowish than orange. Nonetheless, it still looks very pretty to me / on me. 😉

The High Beam highlighter could easily be overdone, like in my swatches photo. I have to make sure I don't put too much or else it would look white instead of just highlighting a feature. And of course, I have to make sure to blend very well. I don't find myself wearing High Beam all the time because I still have a problem with oiliness, and sometimes putting on a highlighter just makes me look more oily than glowing. Or maybe because the product just blends with the oil on my face?

The Coralista is absolutely divine. It's not easy to overdo it, even when the brush they've provided is pretty small (it is very dense though). It has this pale coral hue that isn't too "in your face" when put on. It also has a slight shimmer that doesn't make me look shiny. And don't forget about the scent! I never thought a blush could have a scent. I have heard reviews about this having a nice scent, but I was still surprised when I smelled it. It is very subtle but sweet like candy. Whenever I open the kit, the scent just wafts out of it. 😀

The Ultra Plush Coralista looks very pretty when first applied. It does indeed look plush. But I have noticed that within an hour my lips would dry out. I'm not a fan of lip gloss, because of the stickiness and weight, but I am still using this product because it looks great. Lol. I wish it isn't too drying though. Could I use this over a lip balm? Wouldn't that be weird?

Lip Swatches

Cheek Swatches

So that's it for my long post. As for my verdict section, I am not doing it this time. I am not planning on finishing this kit soon. No plans for repurchasing as of yet. I am just trying to enjoy it the best I could.

So see you on my next post! Don't hesitate to let me know what you think. :)

Sep 17, 2013

Fashion Post: Rusty Lopez Clogs

9/17/2013 4 Comments

I would call this clogs, they look like clogs to me. :P I think I got this around a month ago, just never took the time to post about it, especially last week when I was meaning to, because of what was happening back home in Zamboanga. :(

Enough of the sadness, let's talk more about this shoe.

The brand is Rusty Lopez, which is among my faves because they have size 5 shoes and they fit perfectly on me, unlike other shoes brands' size 5s which are still too loose. Too bad Rusty Lopez shoes are a little on the expensive side or else I would have bought a lot. But then again, I can always look around for cheaper ones and wait for sales. ;) This particular orange one was priced at P799 but bought at only P720 after a 10% discount. :D

Another thing I like about Rusty Lopez is that they have pretty good quality shoes. And most of the leathers they use are genuine. But the ones that do are usually on the thousand price mark. :/

Here's how it looks when worn. This one is actually size 6 because they have no stock in size 5. Oh well, I'm used to wearing size 6 too (the curse of having small feet). But look at the pic, it doesn't look too big, right? What more if it was a size 5? See what I mean about them having size 5 shoes that fits me perfectly?

So yeah, just wanna share with you all this beauty. I'm in love with shoes, bags and jackets. So expect more of those for my future fashion posts. :)

I hope you all have a nice day.