Bath Time: Kensington Ablutions Shower Gel + Aqua Massage Facial Sponge

by - 8/16/2013

Today I'm gonna review two products that are complementary with each other, shower gels from Kensington Ablutions and facial sponges from Aqua Massage. Warning: it's gonna be a pretty long post.

I have run out of soap a few weeks ago so while out and about trying to find my favorite soap (which Metro Manila doesn't have on any store, by the way) I chanced upon these shower gels by Kensington Ablutions. They are displayed by the Watsons stall, and lo and behold, they are sold as a "Buy two at P149" deal. There were others on the shelves too, from the Watsons line itself and from other brands, but I settled with these. (It took me a long while to decide though, these deals from Watsons are the best!) Each bottle was priced at P179 so buying two for P149 is such a steal!!! They're both 500ml bottles and they would take forever to empty.

As seen on the picture above, the blue one's pump has been ejected(?) while the purple one hasn't because I have decided on using the blue one because the scent is promising, and I couldn't wait to use it as I have already run out of soap.

The blue one's scent is Fresh Waters Of The Valley. It's so intriguing because I don't usually see this kind of scent for shower gels as it's always floral or fruity. I have also grown up near the sea, with my Alma Mater being situated just across the boulevard and the sea just beyond that, and having moved to another city, I have missed the beach sorely.

The smell of this is really refreshing! I enjoy it so much. It smells clean, and has that unisex scent that even guys could use without feeling girly. I don't know why I'm into these scents lately (I have a shampoo with a unisex scent as well - you can read about it here). I am a big lover of fruits and floral, so I don't know what got into me recently.

Anyway, as to the performance of this thing, I find that it doesn't lather much. As in, just a few suds. I have first tried this on a loofah, and then with my bare hands. It didn't lather at all. I have to constantly pump more product to effectively wash myself, it feels like a used up a rather noticeable amount from the bottle just from my first use.

It rinses well though. It doesn't leave any film or residue, which is a huge plus for me. The scent stays for less than an hour though, bummer.

Here is the other bottle with its description. Wispy Jasmine sounds divine as well.

The packaging of the product looks classy compared to the other brands that were sold in Watsons. Those had a simple plastic bottle with pump and the label has a plain look. These ones from Kensington Ablutions, however, have a more detailed label with a gold logo and patterned background. Which is probably why I chose these instead of others on that display. Yeah, I know, crazy reason to pick out products. But I know I'm not the only one. Hahaha.

So having had problems with forming a good lather on the shower gel, I decide to buy a new sponge, something thinner than a loofah which would enable me to scrunch it up to get it to lather well. I found this at Watsons as well and they come two in one pack for P79.75. On the packaging it says that the sponges are 100% natural.
"Pure cellulose facial cleansing sponge. For delicate and complete removal of makeup. Rinse thoroughly before and after use." ~ from the back of the pack

You can really see the texture of the sponge. It's not harsh at all. It may be a little stiff when dry but when you wet it with water, you can easily scrunch it up, and fold and such.

I have never used 100% natural sponge before. I have tried loofahs and shower puffs and towelettes, and I can say that they don't work much for me. I am not saying with forming a lather, but rather the cleaning part of bathing. Something's up with my skin, I can't rid it properly of dirt and dust and dead skin cells. I have even tried a stone I've found on the riverside (I'm such a country girl - shhhh!). It worked well, but way too harsh! My best way of exfoliating is through the use of my bare hands, which takes a very long time to get done.

I have even tried scrubs, salts, exfoliants, all to no avail! So I'm still on the lookout for a good exfoliant that is easy on the budget but totally effective.

So, do I need to tell you what I'm coming down to? Yes, this sponge works! :D So I'm totally in love with it. Not to mention that the colors are so cute! So <3 <3 <3 all the way.

I can see dirt clinging on the sponge while I bathe. I don't know why, but seeing dirt come off gets me high. lol. However, the shower gel still doesn't lather as much as I wanted it to, just enough bubbles for a limb. :( Anyway, after bathing I make sure to add an additional pump of soap on the sponge and launder it like a normal piece of cloth to clean it properly.

As to why I chose this sponge when it is said to be a facial sponge? Well, that is because it fits perfectly in my hands. And it's thin enough so I won't waste too much product (not that this certain shower gel is helping me in that particular issue), but I think this is perfect for what I want and need. There are smaller sizes of these sponges from Aqua Massage that would be perfect for the face, in my opinion. And there are bigger ones as well that they're passing off as body sponges. You can choose whatever you like, there's no specific rule to this, I believe.


I wouldn't buy the shower gels again. There's so much out there to choose from. And knowing that something out there could be the "one" wouldn't make me buy something I'm not 100% happy about again.

As for the sponges, "haaahhh" sound from heaven with the sky parting and sunlight pouring through. Yup, holy grail sponge, if there is such a thing. :D

So, I hope you enjoyed this very long post. I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and comments. Thanks for reading. :D

Note: Sorry for the differences in the look of the photos. I took them on different days.

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  1. Interesting! I haven't heard of this brand before. Thanks for posting!! xo Kelly

    1. Me neither. :D It was an impulsive purchase. :D

  2. The shower gels from Watsons doesn't really lather. I bought one a few years back, they still have it i think, it was in those big bottles that you pump also and they put it on display for get 2 for the price of 1..and yes it doesn't lather. I end up giving one bottle to my mom and the other one my kids end up playing because it doesn't bubble lol and lather which i hate. And from what I could remember I drained it and used the container for JOY dish washing liquid which i used in our kitchen hahahhaa..

    What I use to exfoliate is one product by Watson's but its not a soap but an exfoliating cream (?) buy 1 take 1 also... i just forgot the name i bought it last January when I went to Davao... the scent was in Lavander.. look for it. I really forgot. And the smell is amazing. It has little dots (?) in it for exfoliation. I even ran out of it. hmp wish we have Watsons here.

    I would love to try that loofa/sponge too, i like the color and it doesn't look harsh.

    i love this article, for once it's long!!! hahah!

    1. Thanks for that info. I would veer off Watsons body washes from now on then. :D But it's such a waste to just throw it away. I'm still using it, though I'm relying too much on my sponge for cleansing. I also use it to wash my hands too. :)

      I'll try searching for that lavender cream. What's it's container? A squeeze tube, or a tub or a bottle? Would make my search easier if I know what it looks like. :D

      Thanks for your comments and suggestions beasty, really appreciate it! :)

  3. Hey beautiful! I nominated you for the Liebster award! ^^ Check it out:

    1. Thanks for the award. :) That's so sweet of you to nominate me. :)

  4. thanks for posting about shower sponge. been searching where I can buy one. :)

  5. Kensington ablutions this product is made from Philippines. I'm so happy to buy the product.

  6. Kensington ablutions this product is made from Philippines. I'm so happy to buy the product.