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Jul 18, 2013

I Won A GC For A Facial At Dermclinic

I have told you guys right, about my current obsession with makeup and beauty blogs? What I haven't told you (here-but I did on my other blog) is that I have also been active with joining giveaways on them. They're fabulous guys, I just keep drooling at what these other bloggers are giving away. Sometimes, there's like a whole bunch of products that would go to only one winner and I've been hoping to win one of those. It would make my year.

Anyway, although not being that big haul of beauty products I was aiming for, a Gift Certificate for a facial is not a small thing to win. Yep, I won a Gift Certificate for a Total Rejuvenating Facial at Dermclinic. Courtesy of one of my fave bloggers, Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals. She blogs about inexpensive cosmetics and skin care products, and as you know me, that's all I can afford as of now. She does have some high end brands as well, and it's fascinating to see her going beyond her comfort zone and budget to try out these products and gives us an opinion on how they compare to the inexpensive drugstore finds.

When I received her email regarding the giveaway, I was excited! I even checked out her blog to see for myself. (proof I won :P) I couldn't wait to use the GC right away. The last facial I had was around 7 years ago(?) :D But then I thought I should maybe save it for a better occasion. Or maybe when I'm better established with my skin care regimen. I don't know why guys, I don't really give it that much importance. Lol! I don't regularly cleanse, tone and moisturize. I feel that I have to have that goal reached first before I go have this facial, so that I can harness its benefits to the fullest.

I should really work on my skin care regimen. Lol. This GC couldn't have come at the most opportune time. Not that I'm gonna use it right away, it's more of like a wake up call reminding me that I've been neglecting a crucial part of taking care of myself. God moves in mysterious ways.

I would definitely update you when I use this GC. It is valid until May of next year. :)

And, oh yeah, thank you Donnarence for this wonderful prize! :D


  1. ohhh lucky!!! you are lucky when it comes to these stuff! i mean remember the raffle draw last alumni? you also won!!!

    1. Lol! Yes, I guess. I guess that's why Caye is always trying to get me to buy lotto tickets for him. Haha.

      Didn't know you're visiting my blog. :D

  2. Wow lucky you. Cant wait to see you get on with your prize. I am following you on bloglovin. Could you do the same for me :)

    Karen x