Skin79 Super+ Hot Pink BB Cream

by - 6/30/2013

I have been very obsessed with beauty product reviews lately. Hence my new posts on such. Being back here in Manila, my beauty and fashion world has quadrupled as I see gorgeous displays everywhere. That's what started my obsession with reviews on blogs and YouTube. I need to know which products are actually any good, which products offers the most for its price, and which are good for my very oily skin.
Having scoured the blogging world, I've had an encounter with Skin79 BB Creams, they say the best of its kind. So naturally that has made my wish list. But how to get it when it's a Korean product? The answer is simple: online.

So off I went to my most beloved online site for searching hidden treasures, Ebay! I was planning on getting a sachet or squeeze tube sample, because they're cheaper and just a way not to commit too much to this product, but then I found this! A 15g pump cannister type, and it was only P375! I was so in love! Skin79's BB Creams has very adorable packaging, and getting this canister type in a mini version and mini price ;) is like truly finding a treasure.

And so, you guessed it. I bought it. :D

It is thinner than the 40g canister, but not shorter (I'm assuming). It still has this beautiful trademark pump that we all love from Skin79's BB Creams.

The description on the back is actually in english. (Most of it) This product's triple functions are:

  • Whitening
  • UV Protection SPF25 PA++
  • Wrinkle free

Love the UV protection. As for the whitening aspect, I can't really tell. I'm a little fairer than a medium skintone, and I'm not too keen with making myself fairer. Smoother, clearer skinned, perhaps. But not whiter. And I could say, it didn't whiten me much that I would notice.

Wrinkle free. Yep, didn't notice as well. I only have one small wrinkle between my brows, and sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn't. I just really try not to frown too much, which usually happens when I squint under the sun, or pissed, or being in front of the computer too long. :D

What I have to love about this BB Cream is that it feels lightweight on the skin. And it could look as if you have nothing on, but your skin looks more supple and radiant.

Being as this is lightweight, it doesn't have high coverage on spots you wanna cover up. It is still best to apply concealer if you have something to hide. ;)


  1. Pump.
  2. Spread.
  3. Blend.
I am happier with this BB Cream than the one I previously had. It was Maybelline and it greased me up like I am trying to produce oil for this country.

The Seller:

Beauty and the Vape, the Ebay seller, guarantee authenticity of her products. She is selling Korean beauty products, like Skin79, Lioele, Tony Moly, Etude House and Missha. Check her store out.

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  1. I like the bottle you got! Mine came in a shorter, wider pump bottle. It's really good though :D xo Kelly

    1. Oh, you have the 40g one. I wanted to buy that, but it's way more expensive. :D